It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



3. A site where young people and their families can receive relevant, timely, and accessible services when they need it; 4. A need for trained staff that have experience working with youth; 5. A holistic environment where basic needs are met that incorporate social gatherings and recreational activities; and 6. A site that includes outside programing space. As I synthesized the findings and applied the reviewed literature, the project highlighted several conclusions: (a) a need for a radical overhaul of the Surrey youth service system in Surrey, BC, (b) the demand for young people to access health services in a more timely manner, (c) the importance of including outdoor spaces in YISH designs, and (d) the benefits of informing youth service delivery by individuals with lived experiences. The information gathered from this study encouraged recommendations in the area of promoting service provider collaboration, advocating for quiet spaces in Surrey YISH designs, informing community partners on the concept of integrating grandparent programs, and sharing with funders on the benefits of including outside spaces to deliver programming. My project did identify research implications and limitations, which included the lack of ability to include all insightful concepts shared in this study. However, I have encouraged other researchers to further explore other YISH design ideas, such as intentional Indigenous practices, adding housing to YISH sites, implementing music in programing, and also having the voice of young people with lived experience informing youth services planning. The information gathered will be presented in a three-

dimensional animated architectural design product that will be promoted to youth services providers and funders as a tool for informing the redesign for Surrey youth services.

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