It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 67 Participants may withdraw from the survey at any time up to the point of clicking on the button to “save” the survey form at the end of the questions, which is the final submission point for your data. After that point the survey data joins the anonymous data of this inquiry and cannot be withdrawn. Similarly, if you choose not to participate in this research project, information will be maintained in confidence. This research project has been approved by the RRU Research Ethics Board. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research participant, please contact the ethics office at; 1-250-391-2600 ext. 4425. By clicking on this link and moving to the questions that start on the next page in this survey, you are indicating your agreement and acceptance of the research conditions as stated on this page.

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