It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Appendix F: Inquiry Team Member Letter of Agreement In partial fulfillment of the requirement for a Master of Arts in Leadership Degree at Royal Roads University, Heather Lynch (O’Connor) (the Student) will be conducting an inquiry study at Options Community Services Society (OCS) to inform Surrey on the vision of a Youth Integrated Services Hub. The Student’s credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by calling Dr. Catherine Etmanski, Director, School of Leadership, at [phone #] or email [email address]. Inquiry Team Member Role Description As a volunteer Inquiry Team Member assisting the Student with this project, your role may include one or more of the following: providing advice on the relevance and wording of questions and letters of invitation, recruiting research participants, supporting the logistics of the data- gathering methods, including observing, assisting, or facilitating a focus group, taking notes, transcribing, analyzing data (including the associated knowledge product), assisting the project researcher and project partner in establishing recommendations, and presenting research findings to interested groups. In the course of this activity, you may be privy to confidential inquiry data. Confidentiality of Inquiry Data In compliance with the Royal Roads University Research Ethics Policy, under which this inquiry project is being conducted, all personal identifiers and any other confidential information generated or accessed by the inquiry team advisor will only be used in the performance of the functions of this project, and must not be disclosed to anyone other than persons authorized to receive it, both during the inquiry period and beyond it. Recorded information in all formats is covered by this agreement. Personal identifiers include participant names, contact information, personally identifying turns of phrase or comments, and any other personally identifying information. Bridging Student’s Potential or Actual Ethical Conflict In situations where potential participants in a work setting report directly to the Student, you, as a neutral third party with no supervisory relationship with either the Student or potential participants, may be asked to work closely with the Student to bridge this potential or actual conflict of interest in this study. Such requests may include asking the Inquiry Team Advisor to: send out the letter of invitation to potential participants, receive letters/emails of interest in participation from potential participants, independently make a selection of received participant requests based on criteria you and the Student will have worked out previously, formalize the logistics for the data-gathering method, including contacting the participants about the time and location of the focus group, conduct focus group with selected participants (without the Student’s presence or knowledge of which participants were chosen), and producing written transcripts of focus groups with all personal identifiers removed before the transcripts are brought back to the Student for the data analysis phase of the study.

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