March 2021

Well, I didn ’ t see myself in this position, but here I am. A big thanks Greg Farmer, who has worked tirelessly for the resort throughout his term, the last twenty - two months as board president. And to Julie, thank you for sharing Greg with us. I ’ ve watched Greg ’ s determined efforts to guide this board in it ’ s work to simply do right by the entire association. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we know we have lots of opinions here at ORPS, but Greg never discounted any, in developing his thoughts on various courses of action for the board and the re- sort. This last twelve months, dealing with the Corona- virus, has placed an unexpected demand on the board, who deserves thanks as well. And to Don Allen, John Boudin, Paul Braconnier and Ed Gruel, who have stepped forward to be candidates for the three director positions opening up in April 2021, thanks and good luck! Thanks also to Ed Vitrano, our General Manager, who has now been with us a year. And what a year! Ed has brought a wealth of experience in HOA management and large resort management. His commitment to ORPS is unending. Many evenings still at his desk, and on weekends, texts, emails and phone calls are the norm with Ed, asking questions, looking for answers, wanting to discuss the previous weeks ’ or the following weeks ’ challenges, or to run through his thoughts/ideas. Thank you also to our department heads and staff who ’ ve worked hard to provide the best service they can, while adapting to the ever - changing landscape due to the ups and down, the opening up then having to close down, and the restrictions, forced on the resort by the Coronavirus. This has been a tough year for the resort. With the reduced occupancy, the on - again/off - again schedule of activities and resort functions, restrictions on lot rentals, etc., the effects on our revenue, and therefore the budget, are being negatively impacted. We all need to thank Ed, Controller - Kristine Gonzalez and her finance staff, along with the members of our association ’ s finance committee, for their attention and the actions and steps that have, and are being taken, to control the budget and what will surely be a loss this year. I ’ m not going to shy away from the pickleball issue. It is weighing on the resort. As I mentioned earlier, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I want to remind all association members that your board of directors has a fiduciary duty to manage the affairs of the association for the benefit of the entire membership. And that is exactly what your board is trying to work through. Personally, I ’ m not wanting a final outcome that sees ‘ winners ’ and ‘ losers ’, which will only result in continuing discourse. I simply want a ‘ win ’, an outcome that all members can be reasonably happy with, for the association and the resort. To all association members currently enjoying ORPS, and to all those who are bundled up at home, please stay safe, protect yourselves, your loved ones, your friends, your neighbours and we ’ ll look forward to all being able to be at ORPS next season. Don Renoe Board President

2 Board of Directors 3 General Manager Safety & Security 4 Architecture & Aesthetics Quilters & Sewing

5 Fmca 6 Golf 7 Planning Chapel 8 Pickleball 9 Tennis 10 Health & Fitness Activities 11 Lifestyle 12 Ukulele 13 A1 Convenience Bella Roma

Committee Meetings 14 Support Our Vendors



MARCH 2021

ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT SPEED BUMPS One of the constant complaints throughout the Resort, is speeding. It affects us all. Is speeding really dangerous though? For each 10 MPH you gain in speed, your stopping dis- tance is doubled, and that's if you have great reaction time. It could be longer, if you've got a few more miles on your personal odometer (age). After dark, visibility can be a problem in our very dark Resort. An injury accident at 20 mph vs 10 mph is way more lethal. But mostly, isn't speeding throughout our Resort a quality of life issue? Yes. It affects our neighborly chats, affects us backing out of our lots, and in general our quality of life and re- laxation here at ORPS. On the busier roads, and actual- ly throughout the Resort, traffic can depress our proper- ty values. Does speeding save much time? No. If you drive 10 - 12 mph through the park, it will take you about 3 minutes for the whole trip. You could shave a minute and a half off that trip by speeding up to 20 mph. A whole minute and a half! People tend to re- member the cars of the repeat offenders. And that look they are giving you is not a warm hello. Cars traveling 20 mph seem really fast and dangerous when you are out walking the dog or biking around the resort. It ’ s even worse at night. How much traffic is there, anyway? There is a lot! We are able to pull data from our radar signs and the numbers are amazing! Just looking at the eastern leg of Golf Course Drive, 2,054 cars went by on a random Wednesday (24 hours). 2,054 in one day! And that's without a lot of our Canadian friends in the Re- sort. That's a lot of cars. How big a problem is speeding, really? Well, again, taking the eastern segment of Golf Course Drive, about 700 cars per day are traveling within the posted speed limit. Over 1,400 cars per day are speed- ing and over 300 of them are reaching speeds up to 28 mph. Where's the fire? And how many pedestrians are sharing that same street each day? Yes, driving at speeds below 15 mph can seem agonizingly slow. It's hard to keep some cars that slow. And after all, you are WASTING a whole minute and a half of your life.

Election season . . . A time - honored tradition . . . or terrifying time - period? This column, usually reserved for light - hearted reports, is a bit heavier this time but I ’ m compelled to comment and hope it generates thoughtful thinking and not a backlash. The concept of free speech is a sacred right to those in a free society, but what limitations should be put on “ rights ” vs. “ responsibility ”? Suffice to say that I get contacted by both sides of an issue requesting, if not demanding, that I correct the outlandish claim(s) of one side or the exaggerated response of another. I politely decline both ideas. Free speech . . . Political campaigns can be brutal and unless there is a violation of a handful of absolute legal prohibitions, I take a stand back. More specific than the US Constitution regarding the topic, is California Civil Code (§4515 ), which prohibits limitations on certain activities within a Community Association. What is most troubling is that friendships, even family relationships, are strained, if not destroyed over issues. While my sister and I couldn ’ t be on more different philosophies, both political and religious, and we used to get into some world - class rows over it, I realized as I got older that I learned something new when listening to her spout off with her absurd thoughts . . . and sometimes even reshaped my viewpoint. I ’ ve just never let on to her that I had! I ’ m not naïve to think that the ORPS family will always think alike, but can the rhetoric be turned down a bit? All of you bought into the Resort to enjoy oneself, both physically and mentally. With most only residing 3 - 6 months in the Resort, I would think that expression could/would be turned down. And I ’ m not just talking about pickleball . . . The management office has received numerous objections over the last year regarding freedom of expression, whether it be on signs, flags, or banners . . . and frustrations are taken out verbally on staff. My first thought, when speaking with a concerned resident, is “ why let it bother you ” and then quickly also wonder why the sign - placer, flag - flier or banner - displayer feels the need to proclaim their stance so broadly. I ’ ve often found such displays only incite, not convince the other side. The only side profiting is the manufacturer of the product! My biggest concern is the proliferation resulting in “ sign wars. ” It ’ s almost as “ If you place that, then I ’ m placing this ” . . . and whoever has the largest or the most wins? It doesn ’ t work that way. Most of the time, I have found that viewpoints have been galvanized, not changed, when something is proclaimed loudly and forcibly. Aren ’ t you all in this Oasis Paradise to escape the out- side realities which seem to be in our face all the time? Hold fast to your philosophies and convictions, I say, but do they have to be proclaimed in such a way to be in the face of all? Responsibility sometimes eclipses Rights. Just sayin ’ . . . but . . . HOW ABOUT THIS WEATHER! Ed Vitrano General Manager

BUT try to be a good neighbor. Just relax and pretend like you're in a parade in your honor. Wave and smile at every- body. Your neighbors will wave and smile back, and the Resort will be a happier a place to live. For a traffic study in your neighborhood, give one of our Safety and Security members a call.

Tobi Perkins Safety & Security Chair



MARCH 2021

During the COVID pandemic we are able to sew in the West Room as long as it is permissible by State and County guidelines. As of this article submission, we are allowed no more than 10 occupants at a time in the West Room. All occupants must follow COVID protection guidelines, which include maintaining a social distance, wearing a face mask, and no sharing of tools and notions. Upon entering the room, please sign - in and take/log your body temperature. The room is available Sunday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Bags, Bags, and Bags ! Pat Keyes has been working diligently on custom embroidered bags. Bags by Pat range in price from $20 to $30. Pat will donate $10 from each bag sold to Shelter From The Storm. Kellie Bertsch aka Mimz Made is also donating a portion of the sales from her beautifully made bags to Shelter From The Storm. Mimz Made bags include cell phone bags, wallets, purses and pouches.

A&A committee volunteers, assisted by our resort Compliance Coordinator, Julia Miramontes, take pride in helping owners improve and maintain their lots. RV Paint Damage The overwhelming majority of owners perform periodic maintenance to help maintain the Resort ’ s 5 - star standards. However, over 40 owners have received notices of non - compliant RV ’ s due to damaged paint and decals. These owners should schedule an RV painter to do the work and be ready to provide a completion date if they wish to avoid further enforcement actions. Snap - on Nose Covers for 5 th Wheels All RV ’ s are inspected for condition and aesthetics upon sale of the RV, including paint damage that may have been concealed by the installation of a custom - made vinyl cap on the front nose wall of the 5 th wheel. Owners who are tempted to spend up to $1000 to have a custom - made vinyl cap installed to hide paint damage obtain a quote to have the paint repaired as it may be a better long - term investment. Dog Fences Dog fences are allowed if they are commercially made and attractive. Home built fences of wire mesh and posts are not allowed. The fence may not extend onto the common area and must be removed from any natural grass area on the scheduled lawn mowing day. Fences must be removed and placed in storage when the RV is not use. Permits for Summer Work Please file your permit requests by April 1 so that approval can be issued while our A&A volunteers are in the resort. It ’ s best to get an early approval of your plan, and then the committee will work with you on any changes as project matures. This will avoid delays in your approval. End of Season Preparation When you read this in early March it is time to plan your exit from the resort. Be sure to buy quality furniture covers at Home Depot before they sell out. Also have your hedges trimmed while you can supervise. High temperatures and irrigation cause rapid growth in the summer. Also, February ’ s high winds knocked a lot of bark off the Washingtonian Palms at the front of our lots. If you wish, submit a $100 check written to Reliable Tree Service to the front office and they will arrange for complete skinning of the tree bark. Charles Leahy A&A Chair

Larry Reed - Bag by Pat

Bags by Pat

Mimz Made

Come on by the West Room during sewing hours and help Pat and Kellie raise money for the Coachella Valley ’ s only domestic violence shelter. We have been in contact with Angelina Coe, Executive Director, Shelter From The Storm. Due to the pandemic, the shelter has been hit hard financially are in need of supplies. They are in great need of new and sealed paper products and cleaning supplies. These items include napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, laundry soap, and household cleaners. If you would like to make any donation to the shelter, please feel free to drop it by the West Room during sewing hours and our liaison will deliver them to the shelter on behalf of our ORPS community. And, as always, any type of monetary support is appreciated. You can make online donations at: - now/ This year ’ s club activities such as, the quilt show, charity raffle quilts and the Ladies ’ Luncheon has been cancelled due to COVID. However, a few of the ladies here this year are working very hard on next year ’ s charity raffle quilt and it is a doozy. Stayed tune for more information. This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at You can join our Facebook page by searching for: ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club. Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter



MARCH 2021

Hopeful for a better Spring

March 2021 ORPS Chapter, Family Motor Coach Association

The local chapter ORPS FMCA board wishes you well, good spirits and a much better Spring. Our local President Jeff Buchman was able to help

Patrick makes the best use of skiing weather, for his RC model aircraft included. Enjoy the pictures.

some friends in his Florida RV community to schedule the first Covid 19 shot. The complexity of the websites was a lot for some local residents. Considering doing likewise for some of our computer challenged families at ORPS or just ask for help. Our new and returning member Club dues are paid forward. At our required Annual Business meeting, the members will decide what charity or service organization to donate this years funds to. Look for announcement of that meeting date. Vice President Susanne Strauss was able to recover our storage space in the Club House after the complex Kitchen upgrade. Good work Susanne on that. She is busy volunteering at the Palm Spring Animal Shelter. Look for announcements on the Virtual Rally.

Now the news from our FMCA friends at home or at ORPS.

Please enjoy these shots from Ralph and Michele Joiner from New Years at ORPS. Thanks, you two. I still would gladly take your stories and pictures for each of the next month ’ s editions of the ORPS Oracle. (Michele on Left)

This from our Canadian family, Patrick and Jane Kiernan on making the best of the staying North winter season.

Calling all Stranded Snowbirds!!

If you, like so many, have been grounded up north this year – you can still motor home. This year, we have made a number of trips to my brother ’ s farm in Quebec – some in fabulous summer and fall weather; however, the greatest adventure has been this winter. January saw us packing up in Niagara on the Lake, the warmest part of eastern Canada, to head to Quebec. So far, we are toasty on our Winnebago Tour – luckily with 50A and 30A power, access to water from a retired heated cattle water bowl, and dumping into the old barn ’ s manure pit. Some tips to successfully defy winter: • Winterize the water system when you get down to single digits Fahrenheit • Toilets can then be flushed with water if you have heated tanks – if not, use antifreeze. • Use bottled water, paper plates and disposable cutlery • Your bins are likely heated, but this can be supplemented with small electric heaters (that ’ s where our ample electrical connection is a bonus). This will ensure tanks and pipes stay happy If you happen to fly RC planes, bring them along, attach their pontoons – and go flying in the snow! So, to anyone open to a winter adventure, pack your winter clothes, snowshoes, and set out! Remember to avoid driving your motor home on snow covered roads (cold is fine), and if you have a friendly family member who can provide electricity, and showers in their home, all the better – happy winter camping!

So, who can be a National and Chapter member of the FMCA? Go onto the National website, to join the FMCA. For the local chapter, it is any ORPS owner or ORPS “ long - time renter ” with a Motor Coach, towable RV or 5th wheel . You must be a member of the national FMCA organization first. You will soon find chapter membership applications near the mailroom in El Saguaro and La Palma. National FMCA Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine, just to name a few. The FMCA National parent club dues are $85.00 first year; $75.00 thereafter. Annual local dues are $25.00. New ORPS Chapter members will also need to purchase a name tag, $10 each. FMCA ORPS Officers Jeff Buchman , President – (202) - 577 - 6478 - Lot 835 Susanne Strauss , Vice President – (518) 368 - 8084 Lot 632 Vicki Hilmer , Treasurer – (253) - 312 - 0193 - Lot 1082 Ken Hearn , Secretary – (610) - 573 - 3747 - Lot 835 email: Doug Hibl , ORPS FMCA Nat ’ l Director – (209) - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 For any questions; please contact Ken Hearn





MA CH 2021


01.24.21 Dennis Tuohy Hole #10 01.28.21 John Simmons Hole #10 02.03.21 Phil Sanstrum

01.31.21 Jerry McGee

In a “ Scramble ” format the players or designated team captain decide after each shot which one the best shot is. Each player on the team plays their next shot from that spot; within one club length no closer to the hole. The group then plays this way until the ball is holed out. The group takes a score at the end of each hole based on the single best shots from each position on that hole. Some of the factors in strategy are minimum or maximum drives per player. So, in other words if Player A hits the better drive, Player B picks up and goes to the Player A ’ s drive and hits from there. If then, Player B hits the closer on the 2 nd shot to the pin, Player A would play from Player B ’ s position on the green until the ball is holed out. Each person on the team gets to hit from each position. Scrambles are more popular in events where handicaps are not a concern; you are there to win but have fun at the same time. In a “ Best Ball ” format, each player plays their own ball throughout each hole. The team ’ s score for the hole is the lowest score shot by a single team member on that hole. So, in other words, if Player A and Player B are again partners and one makes a 4 and the other a 5 with their own balls respectively, then the group takes a 4 for that hole. Handicaps can be used in this format to make it more fair for everyone. This format is a little more serious as everyone gets to play their ball for a full 18 holes.

Hole #7 02.09.21 Crystal Huffman Hole #12 01.28.21 Michael Cleghorn Hole #10 02.06.21 Steve Farley Hole #17

Hole #2 02.03.21 Terry Dean Hole #13

John Simmons, winner of Hole in One Pot $50

Fred Silberman winner of Hole in One Pot $50

Kris McGee, winner of Hole in One Pot $50

To Book Tee Times or Sign up for Tournaments Visit: (Please see the Starter Shack for Username and Password) Visit: for Full 2020 - 2021 Season Golf Tournament Results



MARCH 2021

met via Zoom with Lance Willis on 27 January, asking him questions regarding a product that we needed some additional information on. He provided some helpful info but also left us with some open ended questions. having narrowed our main area of concentration to two products and knowing that we probably wouldn't be able to provide the board with any more substantial info, the planning committee on 4 March, unanimously suggested in a motion to the Board of Directors, that the board review and research for their purposes two products for sound abatement/noise absorption. Acoustishield by Carsonite and Accoustical Solutions Audio Seal Exterior Sound Blanket. Respectfully Submitted Michael Curley Planning Committee Interim Chair

AdHoc Facility Master Improvement Planning Committee Social - Goal One: The Resort will encourage social interaction and friendships among owners by properly providing facilities to support programs that make the Resort a social hub of owner interaction and enjoyment. Recreation - Goal Two: The Resort will provide and promote an active recreation program for owners to make the Resort their recreational hub while residing in the desert. Facility Improvement - Goal Six: The Resort will develop a facility improvement master plan and a recommended pri- oritization for implementation to provide facilities which achieve the Resort ’ s Mission. The above statements are taken from the refresher strategic plan your board of directors is developing with the assistance of the McMahon Group. The committee met with the McMahon Group on Monday February 8, 2021. Jeff Evans and Glen Selig- man, McMahon Group, walked the committee members through a second iteration of the various proposals for both the La Palma and El Saguaro clubhouses. The main focuses of this committee are on how to go about improving the social facilities, fitness facilities, meeting room spaces and F&B spaces in the two clubhouses. Glen highlighted the changes made, based on the committee ’ s ideas, suggestions and feedback received in the December, 2020 meeting. It was very interesting, listening to Glen ’ s presentation, and then listen to the committee members. It ’ s very much a collaboration of all. With many questions, sug- gestions and modifications proposed, challenged and alternate ideas being put forth. Jeff and Glen will now take all the suggestions from this meeting and further revise their proposals, for presentation to the committee, at a meeting TBD in early March. I would like to thank the committee members – Evon Haarklau, Kathy McCune, Maryellen Muir, Shauna Riely, John Boudin, Bob Craven, Mike Curley, Allen Gayken, Bob Livingston and Greg Farmer for embracing this next step, as we move forward in the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan, a plan that will keep the resort ‘ standing in good stead ’ in the years to come. Don Renoe Board Liaison The Planning Committee continued the work of researching sound abatement/noise absorption products that would encircle the pickle ball courts here in Outdoor Resort. Many community members were right along beside us listening in at meetings as we researched, studied and discussed articles we had found. Outdoor Resort is unique to the issue that we have people living 67 feet away from pickle ball courts when all research indicates courts and people that close together just don't mix will. Thus...the search for a possible solution to abate the situation. The committee

Contemporary rendering of the 23rd Psalm The Lord is my strength, I shall not panic; He helps me relax and rest in quiet trust. He reminds me that I belong to Him and restores my serenity; He leads me in my decisions and gives me peace of mind. His presence is peace. Even though I walk through the valley of fear of failure, I will not worry, for He will be with me. His truth, grace, and lovingkindness will stabilize me. He prepares release and renewal in the midst of my stress. He anoints my mind with wisdom; My cup overflows with fresh energy. Surely goodness and mercy will be communicated through me, For I shall walk in the strength of my Lord, and dwell in His presence forevermore. Amen

Here is the 23rd Psalm as recorded in the Bible. Both are wonderful and timely. I pray He is your Shepherd!! The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul; He guides me in paths of righteousness for His names sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for Thou art with me; Thy rod and staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; Thou annointest my head with oil my cup overflows, Surely goodness and kindness will follow me all the days of my life, and I

will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen My prayer is that each of us remember whose we are; sheep who need a Shepherd .

Jim Gwinn Chaplain



MARCH 2021

HOW OUR PICKLEBALL MEMBERS VOLUNTEER IN OTHER CAPACITIES AT ORPS Please thank them for their service to our resort! Kathy Oedekerk (Owner ’ s Lounge library); Gary Oedekerk (Golf Marshall); Kimberley Rogers, Sherry Mindell & others (Senior Santa breakfast); Chavalla Lopez - Bassham & Keith Hilmer (Health and Fitness); Ric Davis (Chapel & AV Support); Maryellen Muir (Ad - Hoc Committee, Chapel, Health & Fitness, Big Star Night); John Demazio (Entertainment); Brenda King (Planning Committee); Tobi Perkins (Safety and Security); Kathy McCune and John Boudin (Board of Directors); Holly Aschenbrenner (Shelter from the Storm). Those I have missed will be acknowledged in the April edition!

This year, participants did not play with their sweethearts – they found new ones!!

GREAT PARTICIPATION! There continues to be great support for the lessons and drills with 30 plus participants attending each session! Courts have also been full for morning open play and shootouts! Come out and support round robin play at 1:00 PM! “ Manly Mondays ”; “ Wonder Women Wednesdays ”; and “ Friday Mixed Blessings ” Winners in the 2.5 category were 1 st : Sue Pavelka/Mark Hansen; 2 nd : Charlotte Farley/Kevin Periera; 3 rd : Rhonda Heiney/Dave Davies. 3.0 winners were 1 st : Jill Lawler/ Richard Block; 2 nd : Elaine Davies/Mark Trapani; 3 rd : Linda Thorgeirsson/Clint Dow. 3.5 winners were 1 st : Chris Minor/Dennis Duncan; 2 nd : Jane Easter/Randy Anderson; 3 rd : Lisa McDonald/Bob Gerend. 4.0 winners 1 st : Chavalla Lopez - Bassham/John Boudin; 2 nd : Alisia Foyle/Steve Unverzagt; 3 rd : Kristy Victorio/Dan Reiman.

SAVE THE DATE End of the year tournament is St. Patrick ’ s Day! March 17, 2021.



MARCH 2021

Committee Corner

In this month ’ s Committee Corner I am featuring Andy Huck, who is currently in charge of Court Maintenance but, will be taking over the role of Chairman for the Tennis Committee starting in April. Hometown: Battleground, WA but grew up in Watertown, NY. Occupation: Retired as Director of Operations, Clark Public Utilities. Started Playing Tennis: 2012 Other Hobbies: Golfing, Woodworking, Hunting and Fishing.

The Mixed Ladders and Internal Doubles League are in full force! We have challenging competition going on with a little good natured smack talk here and there between the teams. We have decided to have an End - of - Season Mixer.

It will be on Tuesday 3/16 starting at 3:00pm at LP. With St. Paddy ’ s the

With the end of the season comes a changing of the guard for some positions on the Tennis Committee. Katie Lind will be stepping down as Committee Chair and Kathy Kingsley as Committee Secretary. Mary Holmes whose term is also up has graciously agreed to stay on for another two year term. Joining the Committee will be Doreen Goltz and Julia Buckland. Your Tennis Committee members for next year: Andy Huck - Committee Chair Bill Grannary - Court Maintenance Mary Holmes - Mixers Dawn Williams - Communications Doreen Goltz - Secretary Julia Buckland - Horse Races I would personally like to thank Katie for all her hard work and dedication to Tennis here at ORPS! She has worked tirelessly these past two years providing excellent communications and ensuring our enjoyment and safety. next day our theme will be “ Go for the Green ”. Instead of a private gathering afterwards, we will be meeting at ES at 5:00pm to join in on the “ live ” music and $2 Mar- garitas and Tacos. Flyers will be posted with signup and other pertinent information as the date approaches. Unfortunately, There will be no Horse Races this season. Checkout the Monthly Tennis Calendar for a complete list of dates and times for all organized tennis.

What advice would you give to someone new to Tennis: I think someone new to Tennis benefits tremendously from lessons in the basic skills. It ’ s fun to just start hitting the ball but if you want to develop your game, lessons and practice are very important. You also need to get involved with fellow players at your skill level. Competition is fun but only with players of similar skill levels. Andy is also a party DJ! Once things are back to normal we hope to utilize his talents for one heck of a tennis party.



MARCH 2021

A group of 14 “ cowgirls ” from ORPS went on a great horseback ride during February at Smoke Tree Stables. Experience of our group ranged from inexperienced to former barrel racers! Everyone loved the ride through these beautiful canyons One of our own ORPS residents, Kristi is a wrangler there so mention her when you call.

Keep your Brain and Body Healthy The brain is like a muscle that needs constant exercise to remain strong. Your central nervous system controls everything in your body from digestion and assimilation of food eaten to movement and even breathing. The brain is at the very center of this complex connection and therefore needs extra care. Exercising your brain helps not only with optimum function of connected systems but also with improved cognitive function. This means improved alertness, concentration, memory and even the ability to solve problems. One way to keep the brain healthy is by giving it your favorite foods. These include healthy fats like Omega 3, vitamins, minerals and of course water. You could also keep your brain healthy by challenging it. Try reading a book, solving a puzzle or whatever else you need to get it fired up. Food is also the fuel that keeps your body and mind strong and functional. It can also be the poison that slowly destroys and incapacitates you. It all depends not only on what you eat and drink, but how much and how often you eat it. To keep your body healthy, it is important to avoid anything that could cause it harm. And so far, nothing consumable has been proven to be as dangerous to the human body as drugs and alcohol. Like junk food, they fill your body with toxins, kill healthy cells and eventually reduce your body ’ s functional capacity. The best thing to do would be to avoid these substances completely. Ditch the whiskey and try some healthy fruit juice instead, and of course lots of water . Give up the cigarettes and get a load of all the crisp, clean and fresh air around you. Whatever your ‘ poison ’ is, give it up and watch how fast your mind and body will transform into a flawless machine. While you adopt a balanced, healthy diet, it is also im- portant to stay away from unhealthy processed foods. There is a very good reason why it is referred to as junk food as it will fill your body with unhealthy toxins and excess fats. One mind and body, take care of it

Love Singo — 02.03.21

Celebrating Fat Tuesday with a Mardi Gras Parade (to the left)!

Chavalla Lopez - Bassham Health & Fitness Chair

Hiking Group (below)

Water Aerobics



MARCH 2021

Right when we thought it was over, it had just begun … Hello March! Spring is now here! What is so special about the spring season? The days become longer, to give us more time to spend with each other and the weather gets warmer

for us to enjoy. Here at ORPS, March is the month we create the best of our memories because we know the season comes to an end. This season, March will be filled with the spirit and joy that brings the best out of the ORPS community. Musicians we have longed to hear have been booked, concerts we have anticipatedly waited to attend are coming to you, and comedy nights are filled with our laughter from shows that are to die for. These are memories in the making. After the winter we have experienced, it is now time to step into Spring. Spring is the season when flowers begin to bloom, the sound of birds chirping, and the clear blue skies return. What ’ s special about the ORPS community is that it grows with every season and when we ’ re gone, we take our memories with us so when we return, we can pick up where we left off. Don ’ t forget … It ’ s never goodbye, it ’ s always see you later! Alyssa Torres Lifestyle Director

“It’s a Lifestyle!”



MARCH 2021

offers colorful carbon fiber composite ukuleles. You get the uke, color - match case, spare string set, strap and free shipping, all for under $100. The best thing about this uke, since it ’ s not wood, is that it can stand the heat of the desert, cold, and water. It ’ s the perfect “ camping ” ukulele for around the campfire. You will also need a sturdy music stand. Check out the stands offered on You can order ukuleles and accessories online, but if you have a local music store think about supporting them. They ’ ll help you select the best ukulele and continue to offer service.

So you want to be a rock star! If you played a musical instrument as a child, you may fondly recall how you performed for family and friends and maybe even on your school stage. You might have continued your music journey as an adult. Then there are those who unfavorably recall the hours of practice, lessons with a demanding teacher, lugging an instrument to performances and eventually quitting music. No matter what your music experience was, you still got benefits. It ’ s a fact that playing an instrument makes you smarter, relieves stress, builds confidence, improves your memory and time management skills, your patience, and your social life. There are some instruments that take years to master even the most basic songs. It can take two years before a music student can play holiday songs to a recognizable level. But don ’ t be discouraged because there is one instrument that an- yone can pick up and in under three hours play two songs. It ’ s the ukulele and you can join The Ukulele Crew at ORPS next season. This year was trying for a group that has over 70 strummers on the email list, but saw only eight return to the resort for this season. We carried on, playing new music and working on new techniques. We even entertained throughout the resort for National Ukulele Day on February 2. So if you ’ re still ready for a fun and educational journey, here are some buying tips and how you can start now to get ready for next season. BUYING YOUR UKULELE AND ACCESSORIES There are three primary ukulele sizes: soprano, concert and tenor which are all tuned the same way: G - C - E - A. This is known as standard tuning. The shared tuning of these three sizes means that if you learn to play on a soprano ukulele, you will also be able to play a concert or tenor. If you begin on a cheap uke, you won't sound as good, which can be disheartening. Here are some manufacturers offering quality instruments at affordable prices. One recognized brand for beginners is Kala. The body of their beginner model ukulele is entirely crafted out of mahogany. Even the back and sides are connected using the same slab of mahogany. The concert ukulele offers more fret space for beginners to navigate the finger- board easily. Kala ’ s ukulele starter kit includes the ukulele, a black gig bag, strap, cleaning cloth, set of strings, and a tuner. Another top choice is the Cordoba brand which is great for aspiring beginners. It ’ s quality with a mahogany top and rosewood fingerboard. The only downside is that no accessories are included. You ’ ll have to pay extra for the bag, strap and tuner. Enya Music (enya -

IT ’ S TIME FOR SOME LESSONS Now that you bought your uke, go to these websites for FREE lessons and FREE printable music. These beginner friendly sites will have you strumming in no time. Uku- lele is played with chords. You do not need to learn fin- ger picking. Learn these basic chords and you ’ ll be able to play a variety of songs. C, F, Am, G7, D7 (Hawaiian style) G, A, A7, D. You ’ ll eventually learn more chords. • Cynthia Lin has helped thou- sands of people around the world discover the joy of ukulele. All her amazing lessons are on YouTube and you can instantly play along. • Check out Dr. Uke ’ s Waiting Room for free music and audios for each song. He ’ s got all the songs you sang as a kid. • This is Jim ’ s Ukulele Songbook. Here you will find almost 3,000 songs with ukulele chord charts. • The Bytown Ukulele Group from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada offers a 1200+ song library, videos and help tips. • Richard G ’ s Ukulele Songbook has a collection of over 1,300 songs from the 60’ s, 70’ s, 80’ s and 90’ s. More are added all the time. LET ’ S PLAY! It ’ s important to practice at least 15 - 30 minutes a day, several times a week. It ’ s not unusual for a beginner to eventually spend many enjoyable hours practicing. By next season you will be ready to join The Ukulele Crew at ORPS. If you are ready to be a rock star contact Marilyn Sabens, for information and our songbook.



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