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What are the key levers for CIOs to drive value for their organizations and customers in 2020? Today, more than ever, CIOs are flooded with the latest trends in IT, each promising to revolutionize their business operations. They find themselves trying to justify both their attention and their budgets for the " next big IT transformation ". In an age of information overload, it is critical to have a bird’s eye view of the trends and technologies that are going to deliver returns. Leveraging a wealth of expertise from more than 40 CIOs and IT experts, Wavestone CIO Radar US offers today’s IT leaders guidance in unlocking transformative change. From emerging trends such as decentralizing the IT function or moving to hybrid cloud, the CIO Radar attempts to consolidate the myriad of initiatives today’s IT leaders are faced with, ranking them by maturity level. The last few years have led to a tectonic shift in the role of a CIO, who now needs to wear multiple hats. In 2020, operational excellence in an organization’s IT function isn’t enough. Rather, true differentiation lies in CIOs’ ability tomarry their technological prowess with their business acumen, in order to enable their organization to harness the power of modern IT. Wavestone and its clients can use this tool widely in strategic thinking activities such as creating roadmaps, defining proper digital and IT strategy, or identifying innovative solutions to be tested through proofs of concept. ME T HODO LOG Y The CIO Radar is based on 40+ interviews of CIOs and senior IT Leaders located in North America. Experts from Europe and Hong Kong were also involved in this process in order to get a holistic view of IT challenges for the upcoming years. Market trends, core issues, and emerging topics have been gathered from these interviews to design this overview of key topics on CIOs’ agendas in 2020. The Radar is organized into a dial based on key themes that emerged during these discussions: Run the Organization, Build Tools, Manage Infrastructure, Develop Business Digitalization, and Improve Employee Experience.



These themes are divided into three maturity levels:

• MATURE – initiatives that have been tackled within the past 2 years

TRENDING – current IT priorities for organizations

• EMERGING – initiatives that are in the exploration phase or are future issues

These initiatives have been identified in order to anticipate future IT and digital developments, shining a light on key emerging topics and related strategies.



Very special thanks toAtharvaBhandarkar, ShwetaRai, KathyChen, and InnaGrant for helping toput theCIORadar US2020 together.

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A special thanks as well to:

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