PlasmaPro 100 Brochure

100 Process Control Options Versatile solutions in etch and deposition Laser interferometry • Allows ‘etch-to-depth’ within a layer Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) • Allows a precise stop on a particular layer, improving hroughput and yield • Ideal for full wafer or batch end pointing • Precise etch depth control within multi-layer structures • Allows end pointing on small samples or those that do not provide a strong OES endpoint


Layout options

Highly configurable, flexible systems The Plasma Pro 100 Systems are designed to be installed in ballroom, through the wall or to the wall configuration.

• Enables monitoring of chamber condition and process ‘health’ • Recommended for end pointing of PECVD chamber cleans

Through wall

To the wall

Cluster Options

Platforms may be clustered to combine technologies and processes with either cassette or single wafer loading options. Hexagonal or square transfer chamber configurations are available.

Example laser interferometry endpoint traces

Example OES endpoint traces

Image allows positioning of laser spot

6-way hex handler

4-way square handler

Brooks MMX cluster

Gas Control System A modular upgrade path for gas lines enables users to maximise flexibility of the Plasma Pro 100 . The remote gas line by-pass facility allows broad functionality & ease of use. • The design enables the easy addition of further gas lines, up to a maximum of 12 • Optional purge facility • Heated lines with temperature control

• The gas pod may be sited remotely in a service area or mounted on the process module frame. It is vented and ready for ducting into an extraction system for full safety compliance

10 Plasma Pro 100

Plasma Pro 100 11

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