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Plasma Pro 100

Plasma Pro 100

Extensive process library

Wide temperature range

Our extensive process library supports a wide range of applications for etch and deposition. Our processes are backed by guarantees to ensure rapid start-up during installation. The Plasma Pro 100 range of etch and deposition tools can be fitted with a variety of substrate electrodes, enabling processes over a wide temperature range.

Nanoscale & advanced etch Deposition • Deep RIE of Silicon • Compound semiconductor

• Dielectric materials • Metal Nitrides • Metal Oxides • DLC

For our full range of processes visit:

• Metals • Oxides • Organic materials

Etching Two electrodes are available for etching:

• A wide temperature range electrode (-150°C to +400°C) which can be cooled by liquid nitrogen, a fluid re-circulating chiller or resistively heated. An optional blow out and fluid exchange unit can automate the process of switching modes • A fluid controlled electrode fed by a re-circulating chiller unit

Ultra high selectivity cryo-silicon etch

GaAs/AlGaAs multilayer etch

Deep Silicon Bosch etch

High aspect ratio high quality nanoscale SiO 2 etch

Un-clamped InP etching (Cl 2



Redeposition-free hot chemical gold etch


Wide temperature range electrode (-150 to +400°C) Fluid cooled etch electrode

Up to 400°C for standard IC compatible PECVD processes Up to 700°C for standard PECVD processes plus Si Nanowires Up to 1000°C for standard PECVD processes plus Si Nanowires and polySi CVD Up to 1200°C for growing graphene and 2D

Deposition Two electrodes are available for deposition: • The ICP CVD tool electrode gives high quality films from room temperature to 400°C • PECVD tools can be fitted with resistive heated electrodes with capability up to 400°C or 1200°C

at <100 ° C


Low stress SiN film (400nm)

High rate SiO 2


Graphene grown on Cu foil sub- strates

2D Boron Nitride

Aligned ZnO nanorods. Courtesy Uni Cambridge

Si nanowires using Au NP as catalyst

2 Plasma Pro 100

Plasma Pro 100 3

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