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Plasma Pro 100

Process Tool Software

PC 4500

Flexible process modules for plasma etch & deposition

Oxford Instruments’ Plasma Pro 100 process modules offer a 200mm platform with single wafer and multi-wafer batch capability. The process modules offer excellent uniformity, high throughput and high precision processes. Our tools are well proven, with over 90% uptime and processes that are guaranteed to ensure rapid start-up during installation. The Plasma Pro 100 range supports a number of markets including but not limited to; MEMS & Sensors, Optoelectronics, Discrete Devices and Nanotechnology. It is flexible enough to be used in research and development, with the build quality to satisfy production needs.

Oxford Instruments PC 4500 software is renowned for its clarity and ease of use, making it quick to train process operators while retaining full functionality for users.

Software features: • The front end visual interface is configured exactly for your system • Control a tool cluster from a single interface and PC • Process recipes are written, stored and recalled through the same software, building a library • Password controlled user login allows different levels of user access and tasks, from ‘one-button’ run operation to full system functions • Advanced Graphical Log Viewer: • Continuous system data logging ensures traceability of each wafer and process run • Quickly graph parameters from multiple runs on one or more graphs • Save graph of a “gold standard” run to easily compare against data from subsequent runs • Quick scroll and zoom graph axes

Plasma Pro 100 platforms may be clustered to combine technologies and processes with either cassette or single wafer loading options • Compatible with all wafer sizes up to 200mm

• Rapid change between wafer sizes • Global customer support network • Low cost of ownership and ease of serviceability • Compact footprint, flexible layout • CE marked, safety compliant to EN 13849-1

MEMS, BioMEMS & Sensors


Cassette or single wafer loading options

Discrete Devices


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