PlasmaPro 100 Brochure

100 Etch Process Modules Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching (ICP) The Cobra ® ICP etch sources produce a high density of reactive species at low pressure. Substrate DC bias is independently controlled by an RF generator, allowing control of ion energy according to process requirements.

Etch Process Modules

Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)

The RIE modules deliver anisotropic dry etching for an extensive range of processes. RIE features: • Solid state RF generators and close coupled matching network for fast and consistent etching • Full area process gas inlet showerhead for uniform gas distribution • Electrodes for temperatures from -150ºC to +400ºC • High pumping capacity gives wide process pressure window • Wafer clamping with He backside cooling is available for optimum wafer temperature control

Cobra ICP etch features: • Delivers reactive species to the substrate, with a uniform high conductance path through the chamber, allowing a high gas flow to be used while maintaining low pressure • Electrodes available for temperatures from -150ºC to +400ºC with helium backside cooling and a range mechanical clamp designs • Optimised hardware and control to deliver processes requiring fast process step switching, e.g. Bosch • Variable height electrode can utilise the 3-dimensional characteristics of the plasma and accommodate substrates up to 10mm thick at optimum height

RIE process chamber

Options: • Chamber wall heating and liners reduce cleaning requirements and increase uptime

Cobra ICP etch process chamber: 65mm, 180mm and 300mm etch sources available to suit wafer size and radical to ion ratio to suit process requirements

Options: • Electrostatic shielding delivers reduced capacitive coupling resulting in low damage at the wafer • Chamber wall heating and liners reduce cleaning requirements and increase uptime • Active spacer on Cobra 300 source controls ion uniformity at the wafer

70nm Fused Silica lines. 933nm deep Cr mask. Courtesy of Cornell Nanoscience facility

Dielectric and metal etch – Failure analysis. Courtesy of Atmel

Sapphire etch - LEDs

Cryogenic Si etch

GaN etch

6 Plasma Pro 100

Plasma Pro 100 7

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