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Deposition Process Modules

Deposition Process Modules

Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (ICP CVD)

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD)

The ICP CVD process module is designed to produce high quality films with high density plasmas at low deposition pressures and temperatures.

Options: • Flexible liquid source delivery module with capacity for up to 3 precursors delivered by: • Vapour pressure regulated by heated vapour mass flow controller • or Bubbled using argon • The module is capable of delivering a wide range of precursors including: • TEOS, TMA, TMB, TMP, ... SiO 2 deposited using TEOS and O 2 plasma gives excellent conformality PECVD features: • In-situ chamber cleaning and end-pointing • Electrically grounded lower electrodes available: • 400ºC electrode - typical processes are SiO 2 , Si 3 N 4 and SiON, amorphous Si and SiC • 1200ºC electrode - in addition to processes above, the electrode enables Si Nanowires, high temperature PECVD films with a wide variety of chemistries • An optimised upper electrode design , operating in high pressure, high RF power, high flow regimes, enables SiO 2 , Si 3 N 4 and SiON, amorphous Si deposition at increased rates whilst maintaining excellent film properties and uniformity across the wafer The PECVD process modules are specifically designed to produce excellent uniformity and high rate films, with control of film properties such as refractive index, stress, electrical characteristics and wet chemical etch rate.

ICP CVD features: • Excellent quality low damage films at reduced temperatures. Typical materials deposited include SiO 2 , Si 3 N 4 and SiON, Si and SiC at substrate temperatures as low as 5ºC • ICP source sizes of 65mm, 180mm, 300mm delivering process uniformity up to 200mm wafers

• Electrodes available for temperature ranges from 5ºC to 400ºC • Patented ICP CVD gas distribution technology • In situ chamber cleaning with end- pointing

PECVD process chamber

• RF powered showerhead with optimised gas delivery, provides uniform plasma processing with LF/RF switching allowing precise control of film stress

Options: • Wall heating reduces chamber wall deposition • Helium backside cooling with mechanical clamping ensures uniform wafer temperatures & optimised film properties

ICP CVD process chamber

50nm SiN x

SiO by ICP CVD in ~50µm deep trench 4:1 aspect ratio 2 deposited using TEOS and O 2

SiN x deposited by ICP CVD at room temperature for 22nm T-gate HEMT

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