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Pro Pet Tips Showcasing My Best Friend Dillon

My dog, Dillon — a shar-pei mix — has been with me for so many years now that I don’t know what I’d do without him. But my canine sidekick had a rough start. My friend found him on the side of the highway when he was only 9 months old, and though we tried to find his owner for weeks, we couldn’t. So I decided to keep him. Since April 11 is National Pet Day, I want to pass along some diet, exercise, and health tips I’ve learned with Dillion that you can use with your four-legged family members! If your family pet has separation anxiety, be sure to build your daily schedule to meet its needs. Since Dillon struggles with this, my mom, dad, and I make sure someone is around to watch him at all times. He even has a bed at my office! If your pet has digestive issues, make sure you watch for signs of gastrointestinal pain. Dillon has digestive problems, which flare up when he’s stressed. The first signs of it are typically shaking and acting very nervous. It often happens in the middle of the night, but if I can catch it, I will rush him outside so he can go to the bathroom. For dogs that love to snack and chew, I recommend rawhides. They’re fun for dogs, and Dillon chews on one throughout the day.

If you have a bigger dog, I recommend the Good Buddy Rawhide treats because they’re American made and are great for pups when they get anxious or need to burn some energy. Treats are good, but for a dog’s regular diet, check out Pet Plate. This company customizes your dog’s meals to meet their daily caloric needs by factoring in the dog’s age, activity level, and breed. Dillon’s 960-calorie diet is shipped to us in pre-portioned containers. After just a few months of eating this diet, Dillion’s coat is shinier, and he seems so satisfied that he rarely begs for my food! Speaking of begging, if your furry friend needs to be trained, consistency is key. Unfortunately, a lot of people send their dogs to trainers but don’t follow through with the training at home. Cesar Millan’s books, which I read when I first got Dillion, are great training guides. Now my dog is 8 1/2 years old, and he’s very well-trained on all commands! Exercise can also help encourage good pet behavior. When walking your dog, I recommend using a collar instead of a harness because the latter causes dogs to pull, as if they were hooked up to a sled. Dogs wearing collars will be very reluctant to pull when walking because it strains their neck.

If you have a naturally energetic dog, nothing compares to a great walk. We walk Dillon four times a day, and on average, he walks 20 miles a week! Toys can also help keep active dogs busy. Dillon has a lot of toys, but he’s always losing them. When this happens, he starts crying and won’t stop until he finds them! Sometimes I have to help him, but he can usually find them within a few minutes. But he loves playing with his toys. While this article was supposed to be about diet and exercise tips for your dog, I realize it’s more about Dillon. But can you blame me? He’s the best friend a guy could ask for. When he notices that I’m stressed or just having a bad day, he sits by me, I pet him, and we relax together. So, thank you, buddy, for all the wonderful memories and for always being there for me when I need to calm down and gain perspective.

“Toys can also help keep active dogs busy. Dillon has a lot of toys, but he always loses one of them. When this happens, he starts crying and won’t stop until he finds it!” | 1 -Pro sper Shaked

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