King's Business - 1910-06

Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven.—Psalm 119:89

V t f r l * J t t B t t t U f r (Incorporated ) 260-264 South Main Street (Second Floor) Los Angeles, Cal i fornia DIRECTORS: Lyman Stewart, President

Rev. A. B Prichard Vice Pre.. B. C. Atterfeury MJ>. Secretary-Trea..

T. C. Horton. Superintendent

R. A

. Hadden. Supt. Exten.ion Wort

E. A K. Hactett

W. E. Blackstone

S. I. Merrill

W. L. Green

DOCTRINAL STATEMENT We hold to the Historic Faith of the Church as expressed in the Common Creed of Evangelical Christendom and including: H i Tbe Maintenance of Good Works. The Deity of the Christ The Second Coming of. Christ. The Personality of the Ho y Spirit. The Immortality of the Soul, t J r i L P l 6 n a ry a u " T h e Resurrection of the Body. T > . T he L i f e everlasting of Believers.

The Necessity of the New Birth.

The Reality and Personality oJBatan.


. T h e I n s t i t u t e trains accredited men and womel, free of cost, in the knowledge and use of the Bible. I , i 1 ) T h e Institute Classes held dailv except Satnr- day and Sunday. (2) Extension Work. Classes and conference | * I in neighboring cities and towns. (3) Evangelistic. Meetings conducted by < tent evangelists under our direction. new




(4) Spanish Mission. Meetings every nigl Spanish-speaking people and house visitation. (5) Shop Work. Regular services in shop factories all the year. (6) Jewish Evangelism. Personal work in for the Hebrew people. (7) Bible Women. House-to house work and borhood classes. (8) Aqueduct. Work among the 4000 men fl new aqueduct. (9) Oil Fields. A mission to the men on i| fields. (10) Books and Tracts. Sale ami distributi] selected books and tracts. PRAY FOR THE WORK AND WORKERS OF THE INSTI" If ye abide in me and My Words abide in you, ye shall ask JUrhat ye will and it shall be done unto you.—John 15:7. I

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