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APRIL 2019


The Wit and Wisdom of My Dad (AKA Rickyisms)

My dad is a wonderful man.

problems before they start? Most importantly, do they “own it”? My dad is right, “Tomorrow never comes.”We have to live in the present to be successful in this job. If we waited for a problem to come up, if we pushed things off until tomorrow, we couldn’t possibly serve our clients to the best of our ability, and our clients would not get the peace of mind we promise to deliver.

He has definitely had a huge impact on who I am as a person. His influence was much more muted when I was younger. He was so busy working to support his big family that we didn’t see him much outside of working with him on Saturday mornings, church on Sundays, and holidays. As I got older, I started working for him on renovation and construction jobs during the summer. We would have long trips in the truck together getting to and from the job, and the days would go by fast with work, joking, and classic rock music playing in the background. That was when his fingerprint really started leaving its mark. As he (and his five sons) have gotten older, he has slowed down quite a bit, and we have greatly benefited from more time spent hanging out together. His grandkids (all 18 of them) are getting to know“Grandfather,” as he likes to be called, in an entirely different way than we did as kids. One of my father’s more endearing qualities is his habit of making factual statements in such a way that you laugh and scratch your head at the same time. For example, at the church just before I got married, he pulled me aside and told me, “Son, by the time I was your age I already had all five of my boys.”That was it. No further context was given — just the smile on his face. I am smiling right now writing about it. In addition, he has a set of go-to one-liners that he uses so regularly and with such effect that we have taken to calling them“Rickyisms”.

So I have set out to create the most proactive property management company around. If you break down any of our major processes (and most of our minor ones) you will see the consistent string of proactivity throughout. Take our rent collection process, for example. It actually starts before the tenant moves in by forcing them to use the portal to pay hold fees, but it continues with unique lease terms; special relationships with Experian so that we impact credit good or bad; consistent messaging and education; statements before the first; multiple reminders after the first; calls, texts, and emails from property managers; and so much more. Why do all that? Because we have to be proactive to enjoy success in this business. Because if we did what other property managers do, we wouldn’t be giving you our best. Because tomorrow never comes. We’re not perfect, but we always work to get better. Plus, I think we are working on the right things, and that makes all the difference.

Some of his classics are:

“The nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

“Working with you is like working by myself.”

“Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong.”

“I may not be the best, but I’m the best I’ve ever seen!”

“Tomorrow never comes!”

I want to talk about that last one for a minute or two, because I feel it relates to property management — at least the way we do property management at RCW. I firmly believe that the difference between an average property manager and an excellent property manager is how proactive they are. Are they waiting to react to problems that come up, or are they being proactive and addressing

P.S. - Another classic “Rickyism” is this gem: “Stick with me and I’ll give you rocks as big as diamonds.” To date, he has never let me down. I hope RCW never lets you down either.


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