Adjustable Fireplace Hood | FAH-BLK

Adjustable Fireplace Hood (FAH-BLK) Instruction Sheet

| S tep 3 | Continued ... Non-Masonry Installations:

• Measure 2-3/4” above the fireplace opening and install two (2) 1/2” screws for each section. Do not fully tighten the screws. • Align the FAH-BLK with the screws and allow the selected slots on the hood to slide between the finished surface and screw heads. • Adjust the hood as necessary to align with fireplace opening and tighten all four (4) screws in both the Hood-Left and Hood-Right.


Installing Hood on Non-Masonry Surface

• Installation is complete.

| S tep 4 | Masonry Installations: [See STEP 3 for Non-Masonry Applications]

2” Mantel 4” Mantel 6” Mantel 8” Mantel

• To complete this installation, use the two (2) Hood Supports to attach the hood. The Hood Supports are aligned to support the Hood-Left and Hood-Right Sections and will be attached using two (2) 1-1/4” masonry screws. Use care when installing the masonry screws not to damage the materials. Alternative fasteners may be required if attaching to the steel brick lintel or other materials. • The Hood Supports are installed with the short leg of the bracket extending into the firebox and the longer arm extending up the face of the non-combustible surface. IMPORTANT: If the surface is uneven, be sure the brackets are installed so that the bracket has clearance from the most pronounced surface, 3-1/2” above the fireplace opening. Attach the brackets with two (2) masonry screws, pre-drilling if necessary. DO NOT fully tighten the screws so the hood may be adjusted. • Place the hood onto the installed brackets so that the hood rests on the offsets of the Hood Supports. No screws are necessary to attach the Hood to the Hood Supports. Align the Hood as desired and tighten the four (4) masonry screws installed earlier.


12” Minimum Heat Resistant Material





Gas Log or Fireplace Insert

Masonry Surface

Attach Hood Supports

• Installation is complete.

Installing Hood on Masonry Surface


FAH-BLKI 9/2018

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