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September/October 2019

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The Secret to Attracting and Retaining Clients

That gets really nasty, and I don’t wish it on anyone. I also feel it is ClearWater’s responsibility to look out for our folks and their families. We have good people. Preemployment Screening: We do phone interviews, and then we run a stringent in-person interview process, and we have a waiting line to get hired. Prospective employees have to pass a collaborative review by a panel of six women with finicky taste and then a long interview with me. I am a cautious guy with a good read on people and a technical master plumber. Texas-Licensed Plumbers: We only send Texas state-licensed plumbers to homes and businesses. That means they went to Austin or the likes to take a test, along with completing verified hours to prove they have been in the trade and possess the basic skills the state determines necessary to perform certain tasks. Almost all companies nowadays are breaking that rule (and the law). I’ve seen plenty of helpers with one year of experience “running a truck” for “competitor” plumbing companies. Not only is that against the law, but it is flat-out dangerous. One of our large lines of business is fixing handyman/unlicensed work. Maybe I should be thankful for all the impostors running around with the wrong can of glue and primer. These unlicensed guys split like roaches in the light when there is a problem, and the problems are much more expensive the second time around. Attracting and retaining customers is a simple principle, but it is easier said than done. Different people buy for different reasons, but having capable and talented employees is one of the best ways to improve customer experience. What drives me to have the best people working for ClearWater is my family’s safety, comfortable living conditions, a happy wife, freedom from worry, and enjoyment of life. Oh, and I want you to like me too.

Drug Tested: Do you know how many metroplex plumbing companies have a known drug culture? Let’s just say you would be surprised. We test before we hire and maintain a watchful eye to make sure we have an A-team culture. Most plumbing companies nowadays only care that you have a pulse and can open your eyes. That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. Weekly Reviews: We have a weekly leadership meeting to go over each employee individually. It involves things like customer feedback, progress, licensing, and the general vibe of everyone on our team. We will not send a plumber to your house if I wouldn’t send them to my house with my family. Some plumbers start great and fade. Some folks start great and stay great. In the meeting, you hear a lot of things like, “I just love Jacob …” (Please don’t tell Jacob; the ol’ boy is great, but he will let it go to his head.) If there is a negative, we coach them or free up their future to work elsewhere. Workers’ Comp: Our employees are employees, not subcontractors. ClearWater provides workers’ comp insurance. What this means for you is if our employee gets hurt — or worse, gets hurt at your home — you are safe. I know of uninsured guys falling off roofs and dying. The family goes looking to get paid.

– Jeff Longspaugh


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