comes first when it comes to providing access to business lounges within an apartment complex, with 77 percent of renter communities being able to offer this feature. The prevalence of this amenity aligns with the state’s labor profile, as California comes first for its tech industry, support - ed by a significant percentage of its workforce in the technology sector (10 percent). Renters in Texas cities can also have access to rental communi- ties that cater to the needs of those working from home within a residen- tial setting. In fact, Plano (69 per - cent), Austin (68 percent) and Lub - bock (61 percent) rank next for their rentals’ capabilities to support WFH by providing business centers as an amenity. This is hardly surprising given that Texas ranked fifth nation - ally for its tech-based economy, with about eight percent of workforce employed in the tech sector. Charlotte is another city that fares well when it comes to providing rent-

GILBERT, CHANDLER AND IRVINE TAKE THE PODIUM FOR BEST CITIES FOR APARTMENT COMMUNITY AMENITIES When it comes to the cities that offer the best mix of amenities, two Arizona cities, Gilbert and Chandler, are the first to pop up at the top of the list. An up-and-coming suburb, Gilbert, boasts close to 60 percent of its local apartment buildings out- fitted with a diverse mix of commu - nity offerings. In Chandler, about 58 percent of rentals are equipped with similar community facilities. In the case of both cities, all large-scale apartments provide community out- door space as this type of amenity is essential to ensuring a premier rent- al experience, especially as Arizona enjoys sunny and warm weather year-round. Irvine, California is also among the contenders for the best city for rental community amenities, with as many as 55 percent of its rentals providing a diverse mix of commu-

nity features that support a premier rental experience rooted in practical- ity and well-being. As in the case of the Arizona cities, Irvine also shines brightly in terms of offering access to outdoor space, given the similar climate that encourages spending time outside, whether it’s within the rental complex or out in nature. IRVINE, CA, PLANO, TX, AND AUSTIN ARE BEST AT SERVING WFH RENTERS Besides considering which cit- ies offer an overall excellent renter experience based on community amenities, the report also looks at how well cities fared in terms of offering business centers within rental buildings. While they might have seen fluctuating use before the pandemic, once stay-at-home orders took effect, they took on a new role as co-working spaces. This kind of fea- ture varies greatly based on location. Irvine gets top grades for an overall renter experience, and the city also


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