The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 44

September 1952- May 1953

All images for The Record, SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper have been captured from archival microfilm located in the E. H. Butler Library, Archives & Special Collections. As such, variations in individual numbering, coloring, resolution, image size, and searchability is dependent on the quality of the original microfilm capturing. Please contact the Archives & Special Collections Department if there is a particular image or article you would like re-captured at a higher resolution or quality.



rec.ord . T11esday,Sept�bmr l6 ,195 2 ' '..i1�l��;�it;i;;J;,�7.��;::�. t:R:!r � � , thelr oplnlon, and problems •"OI� ;o,·ornmen t ,Student CouncU must th'""""' the proper channels. Stu- ha,·e the coopera t i o n and ,upport of � t :�:n�u:.: �-:l;,,c,f:,�..•: ea �� u ::, • i: ry ..;: u :.:; du,ume the 11 ::.� a o� 0 ::: r ::�::::: :e:::.· �and,prorn<>te l"1lllmate pos ltlon ofaco-ordlnati"l'.bodywhlch •red the<:onlu,lon o!.the !lrS\Week.

President Rice sends welcome lo all State students Ollrcoilqe1•>ctendsa mootf uollffdstbeJ"'"-t..1 amowi t of knowlcdge"-eunposaibly � n :::r� be"�:: �uo:� Ur,,...i,penonal future andthef...tun,oftbe"\1,lon. BullaloSta t e loi>t(ltldolh1otu- 11t,,ts.Y o uand�,. .ho ha,-eeor,e Wore you h11.,rnadeour name ""°"'nancll"Kpe,:Ufu:, who arehereto "'"""you look lon,' ardl<'llh_.... ntatoyour comln,Jand•ith h&ppl· ness to the opponunlty oftidplna youtol>roo.�yourkn o •:l�Jn>W lomental and pl,ysica\ suture, and 1tlliolntell«tudn>alurlty. lextend my ,-ery�t,.iHto eact, ono ol )'OU f o r the moot'""'" .....1u!yeacln1-our l!, . .,._ ��=:)·!LR!"" RECORD staff g reets freshmen TI>e RECORD st.litwj,J,u to au!Gngpr!J;,iit..,l! oopublishlnl:aocuntdy all the Im· portan1news!N.1hoppens on c.m­ pw;andallthe es.'t'llt.1!N.t"°""""' J the skhoccurolt campw;. ( TbepoJl'!'"pubilsbasJ&nedletters trom. the otudents!N.1co11r<>vc,lnterosU111to the collepm>dents. record -��

st u denllwhow1U1<·o"l,,:inconJur>Ctlon ,,,Hh StudentCouncil m,,mbers U· �ed !l s:,�,! an s : p oome t � awith colleice ,\n � ru':�� r ,pm a d,op noryet a lf y o ucan slnra s o ngand pllnt a palntln,: And blufl,and copy noteseach day, "1 tho ut lalnUn;. Yo� too maybe a oopho111ore so1110 day. •poet's llcenoe : , � a � o co �:::! t �� � : • a � � �:i:.

wl$hln, you a hearty "-eloome to ' State. To thoseneophytes unfamlHar thi,column. l"d like to HY t h at lnto�otin; coltural tldbhs al>outour colleJ<", and ,·arious othot Items of h li:ho,minded student. During tho oummer ptl"hops you may hive h..rd reports about-ird objocto in tho • ky, apparently not bel0119ing lhon.and noMed,for lack of a botltr title, "flying uuoel"I." Thoffuuoo.-.havot•eryonobafflod ���en�� • bSn u ":���ltd•<�f;� • �&li! h i:,>'. vonted tho world. An inlor ..ling s.;enoe deportmonl activity. onrted thi1yur,w;ll be tho 10 nding out of flying """ce' tum., to perf o rm th • val"ablt.,rvioo of plotting the ao­ tionsof thoKotrange•i•ilors.lfyou happento oto oltllow and • girloll­ ting back of North Ho.II late some ni11ht. don1 get any idHL Thno ,ciontific m;nded souls are merely :�:;;;�. tho cou., by chortinQ flying &,,·eraloit h eRECORD!olksspent some t ime Jn Ke"' Yo,k Cl ·asquite a plac.. Thei, , . ·jr-i.:,;;:, t ��1:"i.1t"1�t?��e� 1 :; ;�rilrin�=�ta".::.7:)".':i they ga,·e her chopsUcks to ea t Lt ;�! h didS h i! 1 ��=� �:::;�� t k s �'· but The other dayI,, alk!ngdown th e 1\rttt1ndnw1bl;•!a:n readlnl: "Do youwant tobeat thelncometax . do you want & dodge!"I da1 h ed In lir�{:���1(1� old that thekf\MacUonhHrhtuma· tlom.The ulesmans.old that he"d stand behind every ear he sold. He dldn"t say he"d p\WI.The car hu chn:,mium bumpers. chromium hub cap, and chromium trim •••In !act !1" 1abou t t h e chromlest carlevot ••wlnmyllle. Dut lt doe,,run.ll.lter •tashi()n.The b1"lnlarosoa:-i lt"ll stop Olla dime (ll th • rowu a dlme on tlte roadldon't th!nk lt "·ould;o overJt.but .•.). tfJJ�{Jfi{�fj come baol

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issues ln an attempt to facllltote closer"·orltlni: rela t l o ns h ip,notonly but also betwwn the ol lra· tomlly.and a mcmbeeolSi;maTau Gamma fraternity. Dwilli; the oummerAl.who b ln the aecelera t ed pnii:ram. attel>d

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rer;.ord �oeB&ptlltO.�.-cl>. Au,;usllL =::;;;;:=::::;i�

will top sports day activities publish initial pbony..- 11 a, ....-tno1,mm-..,u,_....,.-,� - - .m lllf WB���:::".:��:.�t:: b �-=•�.:�te:�:�: t!:": �1�:= =i:...�=F.�T:= =.= == u9:== takes on feudin' n' fnMin' cllmaxodthate,�cwithJ!nxBumlnc•otl,itl...

,;:/.::;;; u �:,_·� tl>11•1• oudll orlum.At the meof oll.,,.. «lby.,.. Orf......All,...llm>1,t ""tl>ol.. tlllln5\n.x31n.or larl"rtho.n �,.�::��!::.;;�:�:": Publicity directors schedule meeting Dt,Coo.r1eRSlion.For U..«1IWffllnl... ottheloC\ll17, ""'-lftheptw>lte4lalteofotnta. ���� = �Ei ,





Write a Lucky Strike jingle! . No box tops! NO ENTRY BLANKS! It's easy/ . , JllSt write a 4-line jingle based on the fact that -- TO TASTE BETTER!* � f ��-�'i.;�� /A � bucdcx,the!ocO.)' J't, ,..,

"Who,..didalltholinHgotol" m=:��==�� E;�·�:;;!;t· ,.... ;�: J::,;:�··m in... ��:.::::·��::.:: ! :. =�� !�:i;:!�1:£::Efr::�..: �;{�{��:g2r£f:�[��f§�f;����Ii!:t 8 ��� ;::�;::�! :. ;!: .:7 d :u�;::�.: Were y ou c o nfused too? ;.�:7.:::;::.�•::":==. shown in skits ..M••·'•"""Oll!,allonp•oc•d»•• oklo.... lnthop,.......,....,,..,.,._ 410---'*t:,IIS--1· ••; n>n ,1 lntffftt bww ..u1bo ::='l ...., :�; :::�:.:�rl;:£�.��:.,l:� = boJ IOtedoll � th �.;:i= �-..:i:;� Tho ,,_ ..,nd•tO•bo•pltlod cato. '"'� ln --I-loll .....,.,..,.. .1,1 11,telnthoolpho. ln lnto.-lllanu.Wbo..-. 0.---...-. bet.whooo ..,t.,,otlon fell olou\ omllo,""11*-IOU..IDfl>rlml t l

�,::;.�--:..�:.::-= �,P.0.-67,N.,.Y•k ..,,.,v.a.--,-,-.-. �------tMJ' .___ilalk____o(IMetieo, __ ............ "' ..... ""'....... 11--.(B<,<"Tipo

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Wedne1day,S,ptember24, 195 2 Frosh gi rls spend three fun-packed days · at camp; ,Varm, sunny skies brighten week-end program ._�0 ,ch!opeeod t�.e r.ut !e1,· day, r.131\c from now on-!r.struc:ton be,.

2 P.,.-'!!i!!- f5� � R � � l�� � :?:- we ,;," � h ;.!7i'1:t".: ; ��·,��� l � ; :�: ; :'!n� · :� : t ;: f �::'�� :£:S:.:'=i:!;�E.;E,, E :! �= �r� ° "��� rullysomel hln gto chffrabout &:ld in morew• ays thanono.Don't u..,.,,..,. pnctl.. bopn. TheSatunlq, O.t. 22 wt,..toBalBulfa.lo record

P-,.Two Di's �lion !UbC\ll�OQtbt\na�llMofa­ dirte\l.y, btca= ""'ef)"lhlr,1 1 •Tlltm t,e:,,,!nb • bou\)V:,,ind•bol.t · l.l:l:,P Wt )"CII.I, ind Md:wl.vmid <:<>llec­ lh�y.doonanclarow,:W,ou, uzr.. 'Thotitlcbooqull>--"rbf.,..uontinotian.• tbetltleb&IJolJ)IIIIOQ!hena mt Gl't.be90-Qlltd• uthor,hmotlhr ._..,.1.1ym4pbooUtldtoo :::- but ... ��,: - n:,:,:;m;.:r,� F"'5hman Cam!> ,l.]ol,.a.. 19S2 - $noke In thecru. -..lzcrabout U\ttt-thirtya. m .Norulay. And tO UR thec,,tMzM U & rood.lnm! tloolll.ndy to ha,, ,arJ ckdlor""'."'fYJunl orBlrd· man,rt,owu-UJ> In tho &Ir"rec!.stn.tlon dlr- S<>mdhingvoryni«lhouldbopid �=;E��:,�: = ::,�: ntighttaluethohi"t. ���'"S"::=-� JJm;Bu,nln.J.. ca<"" sm,,mernews •.•re,i;stn. ti"" bl-. H!nt:"""1lclr,nyu>eliketo do&J;IY· ��-= -�!ltft'U}'· � Q100toofU. .weok : M t a i.. a 100�,-. �

M�olatunp>okecl•-ftk� atfroshcarnpAl oha•ill!! nserlor • Jona; t1 r::e - ,t.._,Uli'. aro<:nd tl-.e carnpn,..,meetU>i'. ,_ . f,.;.,..d s. th• �fac:es!nSatu."Tl.•kl tnl,ht niff'.rni:lc In tho pool •itlt t he ln,p).1ottlni'; rNdy forbed In !�.e darli,th.I,oorn rout S>tunl.1y �.!sh<, --�dfriondsh!pdrcle. H- J.. n W•lonirat, ou, o, m p director,oou!d lookao chippo,.., urlyinlhomot11ln11 isa m a.ting.Ou, alaml clo,;k•lu m p, ah•""'"•�• li...!.,,.uponry m orning . • DlCuedek.0<1Dldlrector.d!d• bat:c·upjob . How. •"'""1-"d•ued!rect!n1. �<


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cho C,ntpSo.. nl-till• ';,::,:1�;£f; 7 .�·�fa·�1:; ���u;·�o2:.:;t;::; rd � !�r 1 ;�:�::!·E:F.��:�:�:� :::i::�;�7� ' ng o !i a di : c :�� p k ::. �:�;=�!��!£if� r�: ��.���:��::;� �=�.2;�� c kup on you now.}

,in!jwilh a ptppyoongch Ma�• Grotzk the,.. to load · � Do m Bon.. " o,holp us ��:!;.:!��/��l;=rt. :� �"""•ticabillt)'. Each cabin put on askitand thc,laculty weretM J�d�H. The w!nnl nc oklt was a ··s,m,«ar1'omNDeslre. "T h Loreally broughttMraltcndown . Sund,ymomi ngMc.1-tarlan g>vo vocy in'l'iring tallatricia'"to l>•I S•n•ono lo,doing ,uoh 3lr:imperwhowent to ari�t;:.!r·1; 1 :�;y:�;r. wodd!" t� ··s uper,on! c!'" Theweek- • •nd otart«lofl "''ilh Ihllarlou,bar.;. Thecampers took tho .cenl c routeto comp,whkh was on the lakoshoroby war of £ut Aurora. The drl,,,rs thou; hl thoywerego(ngtoAlohl! Songcha ir m an Pa tMcrhn• • did 1 m ar .. lou•Job of kteplngovuyonein luno by m un• of he r boundlt11 energy and handy pi\thpipc. Alu m Pa !Jlllka,G.E '52,turnodup•nd D•nhul'ffldition of"O-Bon••·" Andwho can fora..i s kit ihe an "la.ln" laot the money for t homorl• gq;eontho fum." Thochaptn)!IH, Miss Asprey '11th her kn1tU111, M!u R.op,an d hor pipe, &:Id Dr, O'Brien �U:::•&ll)o l nodlnandaddod Aflor ntuoh urging,SueCoc.hon.n �!��n :ot: m t��:�;�./�::-:..� Susi ." veryone nvied eitmpdl,eo­ tor Bot ty Ferg uoon"'hon•h•danecd w th Doan Klopf. (And can h• dancoi) P,og amcha\rmanLiz White wn k pt buoytr anol1tingth1.ehed· ule whiohf aturtdfo, eumple"'huv· <1'1y h1 1h"(dthnor to you). Aft r Dr.Aapp'••=uraglngUlk Sund y,\helroshw ore,...dytobogln �dyw��:�� 1 a��•y"',1!,::k!';:� �; montorid cf a ha ppy lr ooh c mp w,e�-,,ndat Fot1yAo,,,._ irm,nlike w-.y, 1TMa�• was l

Wliitos!Smartsolid,;olars!Witli ��,ij��Y! "·:;-;.;;:.:,�· and upptt- w, , .,, �•'• C•m•"'"· ••• !,nportsnt lnformatloft, uwlll tho nttr.WIU,tholulflt&ttO>- :; ;" . ".. , :':" ., �� iiitiiE andBurlConkl\11, Hoke\ ..i.._ J,ek d.,., ""' lln," hi• e,tro, 4p.m.ond 5p.rn. t(!!I!.� atr...,endousselection$3.95up N"""'.,_....u.,,.,,,_,; )'Olll' color-wa_...11 Youilf\ll!ji>vtW>d-�......-lon ••,Ox..........dl,,,(o!I� •••wh!, ..... -..tAc..i.."llo.,.All_,.,,.......ito.-.oaoh.-.. c-11,_.ilioloao_al .....,.... KLEINHANS

'Over-recruiting' freshmen girls

causes rough living at Pioneer and trunks In•dm1-1· 1:� ai::: ;r�:: ���f�;r-�h�e�ffef���� recrul�'"... • lrl1t11d tU&looa mystery. ·Ah,ydl'Tl,e f,....han,l�ky"o- >.!tor four day, of one nt.ation li�ing olxin roo m withclOMtop&oe, moetinlll, 1peochu, ,kit. ,•nd four ���!tf�l� ti�:i!; • Pimlffrhal l are1 ol1>.1tobee, ·acu• lour roomrnatH may form tholr a\ed. Where to! � a paulna: lr! O!lc!s.'tiµs and work-hlbl to l<>l"ther!" Justthls. '"Mypa.rent1wtl l Tbe hardshlP£of theearlrsett!•n cl 1ul1ouu

B i ol<>11y , ' do'f'd"Darwin.l•l'l<>lvcr)l ..lecl.i""J.,..

h&,'e , a flt"' · Mn lheyhurat>outlhlt mn1."' - &:ld" ' Whffllc&1no b&i:klrom lroohcarn p and!oundt"''Otno,..becls !n myto0m.lntd owna:id cr! M," and '"Prlvacy.huh! ..!' No need to duo t�HO l,uhmon ooph•! Tho1'v *" inillateclalrudy ' -th,hal"llway. ;


.;.� lffu,ultandl:llplWm•ntecl p _ roblen>.lh• clrl•oontlnuetoll•..,o ut .. 1t h thls



• Wedneod•y,Septembe,24,1952


Rainy Buffalo weather doesn't dampen Dun Cupid's spirit �1-s�.E.�Jt�ff��ffr;:r.�'.:;!�;�f{���ij�{��II vi ..,.CUolootltut•oC- . "•""°"·"'•nloc� b

Xa�n Koran, l\l:ltller, Call1oml.l: Al!oe KCISher, Euclid, Ohio; Wilr!a ;Kuhn, Tcr.awand.o: Raymond Runek, :--e,daq,,: Nkholu LICanuu. :-onh Tona,oal\d.l: El$leL&!er, W at ltart­ fon!. Conn.: Mlldrtd Lamb, lllddlepon; Hum>!na Lau

� · �

record Harriers set

Wed ne,day,Ocloberl,19S2 Upperclass gals take juugle safari; journey full of fun and adventm·e Intothe dffPtwllllH otSe-.·enHl llltmopedattlbc o fS1ue manhwtttt1 (wo m enth.ot l1) o ut for a., wk......iS&fat1o!• d •. .,,,lUff. Chidl•ugh ngl;-(•liHIIOH L o pp )oeo,,.cdl o . bl wh onn bcinl-pl >CCSalor>«- StlU d '""1lnr ab o ut o u twlshwe "'tfffl'Hhme n •rain. Remembcr, you promlHd alwru c:ouldlt$e lL , from M �:!"o:•.:;�\:::::al�t�::. i "/: te ac hing s oo n ii 1h• alds l't• d yt o lntunq11Mtany a nd.oll


N e w tax committee � defeat Rochester by 4-3 score. f?.!:.����� students with athletic eonfiiit · 11oco:roqua d J o umeyecl IO ln> Murn1,''""'"*'1Lio n,,,eaminJuee,...�bytbefeallty-ml,IIDI....,._ lfi��i�fJf��;� � - WU • •�""' M'"' '" � - ••, ..... _,..&�a�000> .._�- ·-·· _.._- =...-...,

,u ch_..,rrtnca. T&kethee&Ho! Miss Gtrtrude E. Pott. Four days •10Miu Poll fell from th.Iroo! of north ha ll.,,·hl t. watchln1 soccer p n ctl ce (for We: new bl!IOCWU'I, =:l·se! od � .1:-C.:::\��: lus. A<:< n ow! lfyou hun')',tomOl'­ raw y o u m •y be tlut lu<:ky one. Giria. d o u y o u, lipsti c k Uote dif • le�nll•l•lyf Aa a opee l ol offo,,wo ofPi p• P�•m• h avo.p ut out I ftOW lipstl cke>llod PeppormintPu1I...,. Pq>petfflintP aul o n it "'ado ln,m glue . 0.-the fell o wo gel• tuto of it, y o u won'tbo1bl•loligM lh•m o ff. Act IIOW,tl,o o upply;, limited . Stftd10c aftd1"NoChttr l ng o rYoll• ng"oign fn,mGt ou...,•1t o P.O., J im fleffli�g. o/o tho IIECOIID, and we w;IIHnd y o u•la,,.ily1! qtubo byn:t u m,na l l. Di ggin'f org o lt" s •m ysteryt o me why 1 hey're tl . olmu d . Atany rate,I hopolhey fill It !,lp p,..ity ·�,,... !I atts1ort of 1 1...- f11Un1lntoth.o1thln1 evel)'t!m•I10 1 d! :�1': o alk --,.

d l ey, M a <90 M a tb lo . �� n e i:.�!fn ���::q:�£,i


cook outth.ot!s.Whol&ldStateclrh couldn' t ('OOI<. Pass tht l.lut11! n um foll ple&se! m!'n� u �:d J!!'�!°':, kl , h:�""!:d ·�:1.';; m o ney. It oeom• the ga l eon 1ing to l Byth e waywllat'o thil ab out o no gelli ng • lttt me al o n Sun· d•c i'�; ! h�r "WeH a d S o m e Chicken< �qa lnl"U lay anOff. 11- ::.�::-� � · Bet!ho$e chick· o tlood tho now co m,· 1ullr. Echo •-as terrl ll ecl with thOll(hts ol• 1l d Junl;t .anlm ols. It d l1putecl howevtr, .u towho wu mon, scarred. Bossy. tho p o or , o mo Hue you n "";';;.��.;:1 • ;.. «:.� noise In lhe ca n bt objtct l and ;lb d entOjlmont o l wakfinitrtlriodl1voye•�•go."1ay uppon;bu camp c o ntin\lO to gn,w blggor ovoryyur. v.. of wo"'tn'o nco it moti on oamp of tlte

Jp,panese student visits State campus; will be dekgate at N.S.A. congress

Lut v.· etklluamodo Yaslllro, a seniorU Ky o t o

1,ml>"er$1<}', •111\eclDean

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ma JI¥ of �...U..:t1 whkh "'""" 10 be�with <.<>llf,(l.lte.lod.ll mo;lqlrl!ualaftalnia od...,reforbl d· 2000oftheffclilldrtn lnTokyo.llone. dllldrtn •·ho ha, are lo need of J11pp o offtted Ib o1Uo M r. Y aot,irooaid th at•ltlt o el>Hn .iw, d rt. '?bore ue of_. ool• OMd or Whon fl,,......,,., nothlnji "*" :!'-::. �-=-...i cauo!du,ntrollntban. , Aooonling to Mr. Y"""I"'tho m... of hla po,oplo d o n ot aupport - Cohotlt..U.... �- II - t,....iocl - to them by tho •IH• H_...,, thtn lan otanybit· Frar>ctcso. - llrtho J- poop!• --Stud �:;_=_£-�:�; tlt vgh it o lhe ':'::!1� �.:, i �;:'� i:: tti OeanKloplproparecl•J•panese o r h is l'J'Olt durto, 1111 Hoy with hbn. 'n>o-1......toteddlldly ofrt


l !"�:� 1 ....u � probably won ; t r ive ml l l< f o r • Dunll« dgove • w o ndorlul oum·

l��� scheduled to begin:.::::-..;::�!!: ��fi::�'..f�j�[�;;����17-. �-" �- � --- i Jw1t ff'Om Boll7l a,'"""'·r-muloted I>)'• ttltcllow lftdh1d• Hlsllll&hllq; aollvltteo Is Ofl IO "'"� 1 -- n II I ����i��������t�� - 111 Jim Cu4man &lid John eon,t: ol Umo 1>or.... "'"�o f laU...i,man ...W bo nq ul ru n r;i:.,:::i:-.,.;,-u..CMI.......-.� ol.M 9chodu1 ;�fi;:;;;=::t�Ji; u : •= �fi:.�1. on �� ::: • .: • ,._.A'if!I:' t����7::1:�::-::::-�::15E: boa� -·1 _. '°' � E _ Stato1\lllet• !lat DOI - r,o4> o� o f d of•o: U,.-�":..�.-1alf. ..::'��-=-.. . • ..:.:r l)tdtd101rt011L u;,wtnnt..railoolboUleosu•. 'oall.



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,...,,_ I Students awake! Acliqueot� .....-..11.1,.,triedio�the •ndffit.«Ml;y'ortat,1 1o"'t"-Thls ,-..r-,1oo1-t1t1-hu done !U belt looq,J1k1t ltl conttlN­ ftltl' rl&l>t lO Kt l,pOtl�andpa..ed ��� be .!'i:...m:ui: ......,bon,olo,.mcll.'lbefloorwu lhen°"""tordbere 1tSt.o1e a "'not""""°""'blolo theirp_. tivcp.-ofMon ..load,en,. ll1""'ledan7oltbe$1e1U.tement1 .,..,a dlnct orlncllrectWult toyou u1m><\tnt ol tlw0>U�.-,,1to the nut opt<1 m eeting ofSt-t C...,ncil,....,ict, wl11 bo heid T....iay, O!heaudltori""' Comeand...-Im.teand•"OtelorlheM StudentCoundlo.ffl� MWtltlavote1peakas1protest q- 1! nst the t&IRa«IU$.OtlDl\lm.ade uponthe1tudentbody. Sh<>,,·thls'OUP..-lthln�- our St�tCoundl'


Di's section

Student returns ftom lJip abroad; . memories ofher travels still vivid '


Fro Cucdok"aTypewriter Briof rr ao m e­ thi11g\) Autumn noc:tume: Do those tidy pll.. ot lu�a next dooraJlect MY· :: �:.!:f'i ,, "' ���- Aft, to be t� Saund• through the tr a a•o m : (heardHDr.R1pp....,oludod hisloo- �'!.�:: i�v:=�";"."c�':�!,. - H I A Jinx tluotburns me Is the one tluot prowled theerowd atP•lPbl'a J!nx Burnln1pu 1t lnr a heronpe<>­ ple'• walle1>-DonZ!rnmermanlsCW'­ rently clfertng • 1plrlllill rew1rd ion• 'IOWn-to• e rth nat•rthorhood)forthe rranything,but 11'••1-y. nice tobe opproolttod. And thattu­ dent reoponHtol1ttFrld1y'1apo a k•• Jahn W. V a ndoroac,k, wH a nloo "thonk-you w lo the g,oup of,tudent. wh<> opent m oro th a n a I-humid nigbU , thi1 f>H 1um m erporlng owr broc:hu,... a nd Htting up thlayoar' • Friday uoo m bly progn m . (Old you aUknow that the oonvoo.otlon sched­ ule ol Fliday spe&lerl<>rRed · Fo.U,... H Short s tory . An o!detly�tlenwl"'·u walltln&" put • dnor 1to\Uli m1U1 dulled out, took atlyla1:lup ln the•lrwlth hls lea;11pa rt,JUl!llell ln1h..p lnthe iUl er. "DKr, dear.' ' murn, lhe old mu, "Old you hurtyounet:!"' '""No,' ' n!P.Ued theyoWl,J min, "but l'dUke 10 Ket myharu:locnthe JIIY who mc'

MJ,UI Nnbltlcn ot,• laltJnc Europoeametniethbsurnm,orwhen l'sa!lmJulySfroml'iowl0oriund for Naples, Italy. I Wl.!I - of '. Gay in Paree

cli m bing won, euily <>••""""• and the proapectof,uohing <>ue9""l. a :i;::·;:,:m,,,-:::.r:!. c:. rt �;-i:::.�: laplle. Oueguide oould n<>t undo,-. otand m y want i ng tool0j>lo,•ral oohe left m obchindabo..t two-thll'd1 <>f tho w a y up. beg� e � 0 th �=���� 1 1: 1 � al.ut�pero.le tryfor the top. s.,-.,&1 �-·· I.lier I r-eacMd � i:,lacler and my lrlor,ds. Belil!Ve mo, Urftlul wu,lwouldn'thaw,mlsaed 1h,,1 m Mt maa;nlllcent cl1lghts tluot !msa; ,�':': ,.';;k t :;et1!':..:t:i":i1'1�: •r&ln anyd&y •�:·�p h �t� :';J:,i: 1 J�n!�::::: =�d i �� ::;.: • p 1;.�: beach in Vonice, I shall never JOf"l e t thio oummer and am wlltlnr for the day wh.n I canroqaln. ' C.,yEhrldl,CE-�� "Va PQliteesll' 8y00N fSN,:& dO\I.., Wa'\\·eekto watch da tele, t t$hun Mt, Boteenste1d otcopo and crooks ,a polllee$h'ees"'·hatllal, 1".0Wdeei11uy,herot no halr, An'mi,ybehecotnobraln, Idonc,.·hat hedolnl:d-. Eothe£tay dereallaHme. Hekeepon t&lkdee$'1guy An"da peo ple1tart1odleer. · Why dc deydap! ltaLyou,.· hy, Hokydemeach abee,.

tw e,ty-thl'ff•board•luxuryli""•ln •r<0upM&dtdbyDr.C<0 n... -old. o", tnvel1 took .,. thn,ugh 1u1y, $wiU.rland, Gelffl a ny, Hall•nd, F•al\llOand Englondbut the incident that I .-.membc• m oat vi�idly hap· r.:;' t<>me inKondenl eg.Swi\tt,-. Kande'l"SteJ ls a tiny pl�tune£que �� 11 1.t,�\!i:':b� ps m!:'n d 1a!n w : cawe,..- ery·body lnSwlturi•nd&>u. Alto, «tUIPJ)UIJ m)·s•M "'ilh snow lflllde1tartedthecllmb. The fim. fivo m il.. of gndWII

Wincenc tutored al musicsymposium by music-master Eugene Ormandy Buffa!<,State 15 proud ol Mr.Jo- the N. Y.nm.,. and Vl'"lllTilt,m£011 oepl>Wincenc, 1mt,nl>!'roflto mus!o oftheKY.Herald tribwie. depa.rtm.nt . who lor fl,'e <11)' 3 last Mr.Winoenc holda a baebel<>rof =-= :cto;;t::.:: n i: m us i c de9reo ,,_, Oberlin C<>IIMr-.a- df!phlL Of the o-..r!IOcand..S..lOlwho op- m aoter'odo11reo from Colw m bl a ...,;. pliedf<>rthio-ion,lheSy m phO

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:.,� e cu"i:'!i° 1 1��� 1l �=: 111unlty. M,.Win�cconductou.e Amite.-.! and Oroh•rdP1rl< •1m· pl>ony on:host,.._ Thls tn.!nl"l!P=, the !lrSt S)"fflposlumo!ltoklndln thecount,y, huuttsrOll! M toin'.IPf'O\'eOlchOOII· ductor"atechnlqueln l..dlnihls<>r­ chestra1U1dbulldln1:•Prorn.m,thuo lmpro,."UIJthe1lal< ofMrlCUI Ame,-. kaiimUllc..tlerever !t btwnd.� Thc youngconduoto"niwill attend t-gen•nl m .eting1-!<> critlque, a nd-:and ho1r tw<>,... and...,ccrUby tboPbll a rdlcstn. Worl

f{f:tt;.{t� -"""-=-�../"..'!..!...SO:: ::-�==� Marl!alatbooad_"nle_ Fredonl.l."1BnioeReacoc,kret\lffllvolle)'toStai.'•8N<"e�-==�':,.:; Burr(loft)and.Dldi.W.&prt. .-...-1110oa---.

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Religiowiclubs plan activities ...:·�.:.-:.:;� �..m�--n.. BlbloaDIIU.. Coll<'SfS-l" 0.,.14•t•p."'-b,ll>elnt<... �-=fOl"U,Oleet\>rO- ::-::�� -- - -·- ...- II&...- ����= ,-,,.,nnuo112o'-lriU.. =w\U-:i-blld<:"'� :�:���..: -1«1•11.bU.eHDlelbullot­ boll�,r,opll;J"i..t-,,k �::�"r� ldl<>W.�Ooeor Yelton. =�� J ��om �;ii:� f-.,,!�llbueoluponU..booll �U..Splnt....iUf<" ;t::����j a���

LUCKIES TASTE BmER ! FOR ACUANER,fllESIIER.SMOOl1IERSMQIIE BeHaP1?Y-GO LUCIYI --..fl.........�_., ___ ..____•y,Oetobet22,1952 Pipe Dreams By JI M !'LEMING A lamousd1arette makerll.u&n• nounoedal\CW&ndretffd to b&nlsh "•mokeu' breuh" lorm thef!nKtcfshadc-r1peneclbmt• �.;,�:!' fl�t �!!�i::..1��� ln came fromSilaoHaynt.kofO-• 1kln,South CalVlinL Howrite&, Ml hadbeontroublodby.,,,oken'bruth �k 20 of���d!'.'�1�..-:�-: ... : h•d no dairo to ,mob anything. Many thank,, for bringing olll thi1 fine"clgarot11.� 'n,e k1,!s arow,dS11o1eare!ookin( fonrardto the elN:\!ons Ul!,Nove,nber. Do you 1uppooe U,e ..,11 1 . ''I Want to 10 Chlca,c Town" wi ll "'"' rcplace the ..Mluourt Waltz" In popularle•'Dffpln thfHeartofTioxao,"11r wlUthe 1encr<ake&IOllllromone of1hecthcr elghtol1tHlhat have adoptodhim! P<>volhoMcCoy Al RECOIU) Drumo •u11!le you came lo�lvln11hebl.. ,Ln�o olP.P.&nd yet so far." 11,eysent me a terrible lae,,lm!l• ol the now lamll!ar slJn from Cleas o n·1. lbten keedt, ....,.,.., a:;ottoh.ave thl,realthlrl1m-noth!.,.-. 'Nulfu!d. Faculty foc,iball-Amon What ovor happonod to tho touch loc,tball team thu 1h1 faou11y men wera organiaing to oh1llenge tho fra1LCould lt btth1t th1-kend !hoy 1ponl al L•k•Placidwu too muohfor\holrdomontoc:lb<>neo?Pol'­ h1poin th1lr di..uuion1th1yromem• borodwhat happonodto tholrba1kol· boll (lhat'I bukotbllll) t um lul Yrinlor. Como.., grampo, du1t off th0Hm•ld•• nd 0 l.-t : 1go. Sago Comment 0... of ourriporfoou11y mlfflbon :��i��: .1=: 1 ,;,,�.:Oirj:.iUn� 1-ynr-old, "uld thelumodono. ThoclaulccommentoftM)'Mr.....,, fro m awilint h e backrowwhoplpod up,"Horoe,chltdoregg." l0<11 lul.there ca me lo the o fl!ce an ....,...,r t o aPlpe

W•dnescl re�ord looters to Fa,e Wlll1 I • l! y,Oc:tobu22,1952

- Man lhe social animal "'�=�=..c.�·= ::e-..,:.-...�i:!:� B?::�::�::iz. --- a.-.11)' ...Ult! u..y ..., bt di-i,,to · tt,-� �-Tl,o-is .... ..,.._.,, ____ ti..t}'............._loy._;....... H-�--:prizes. ourprl1t1,and-.,tlo,,pri-. Xu!q"ahulbandO«lol•.....,ltont ::.x:.��� f t.-:= 5.E:����t�•�

win over U. ofToronto 22A3 · = �. .;.;.�'!� me ! �,�f.. !:,. � ! '!.of!: � Ji� ! ! � ii!�; ir.� Whit. . . FrHh111•• .... 11o., kopt , i ![�j� j l�� ba, ,homprntd br> bodonklo •tftrot ploco'••d1ho•t<1UwlthHch goo,ooot otlto o-orlol, ..rt tholHgLn•l•goftho,eo..n,p,..,..ocl otkor.Art A.h•, Ooo�• hrlo•,wlthTo..,nteoo�l•a-•ntlth< thot ho w11onth1 s''""' I• ,rtallloclforlofl>!ouho pooh"'• ,..., u ho"""'" In "3th, bn\ln1 • "''"'"'"' d,odlock to, ft..t oorn"' kl

T<>llMt Victor t heSpoi�Pktw,,da1,o.,..,W,lt1.0rta;ht;J00Gcandt, Joan Buncy. Janlco, ArlJ;leyandlolarl-�--

Straw vote held on BSTC cam p us; .! n �� ou1 � ..a1 ��= Ei.senhower wins by narrow margin 1.0�°:r''.;;.,�� h :n� ����·£a��S! �3:�.�'i£=tl;�1;l� ::,".;,::�,.:.!,��� I J!:� :;'��,i��!��=�,� �;';o:!i����!1;1 ! �h.f.!.�•«l a Y":',�11:'11��,to ���it��:•:ii::�:::. """"" h""- If youHl�•H 11ete11, .. 1m 16 1oin&'. to ,ht ,· &nous othor Frat Fancies :r-heU.iftlulyouaroafool;andld.atts.Peroei>tacr-•is.theHli1· �rE�!1�:E (i��:;,1� ..�r.:i·;:� ;��+:�:r�h,�� ,��.�..�::��: �� ,,..,,..all e-� at �=./�ti;',=�� &1 1/;'. ThoP•iPhi'o---wl\hthcrallou>fd hando-t<>or.:iueh work. U you join the p,et;a and appl'OY< CW'>llO •iew of campus sentiment al :��.::-.::. 1 7' ,!.. ou ..!� �•u;•�=!,��n 1 :!.o�o';�: Tho Sig Tau•__..1th th• calloused The��s-":-1: a ��/c':fi°� 1.,...·er _.,-n ol hildriftlung and"'11< him lllli,ob 10,._... Y.... the lrosh ,..,i,, :.::..i "!'t!" :' he-Y"" ore• m.a)· han Just U!ustrotodOlucanna�Y filht! Jl.ellayou�more. Wben 'a two pollteeohuno want da [.';"�;:):�'!:..:;:- ..; h :: t::. eat� v :'��".';�..���.::"ot��:; ��"!'·:�\!�n� �f.:U::"":.; �7!':!9'!.t":,:'!::t.'; f��·:=�=­ ;� e=i-��; ::::: :��;:;"g g :1�"!(�•r• t • m to btu...i Wider the dwrmatWllp o! Mr.Pal· � m,,ttt.l1conaiderln«Plans for ' 1hf �Aneotlm&telorl"ftl>Odelln1 !s belni"p.-.parodby aFranltllnvlU. ::r�!�i�£1::�� �� C)' -':'..:�;:;"::...":.. ° '.::-;�;!': ' What is it? ltoplm. Thrud.lrlI �.:=. oibleetp.-.1dUltol1okof1'U.ting hci lil""'and-·.anlta,y-,ditiDno at thee>dlJoea"Gov.-......, s � · daoh..,. trom YOUR r,....· ...... : -

�r:.: 1 �::}:�.:�t}f.#�:tfJi rf�:-E·:�i�; §:]:��;��� ...u., two ...u. '"" •-·"°""''' ,s,, n,u, 11-scllonk u., Tomnlmopp�\tll .,.,....,.Ml tn ""'..u, "'-"-•5-1 tGrlll- "'°"" . •......,...,to•l-•••-rl...rtniat<•--

ATHLETICSH111T1'1,9I .,.........,........... ,,... .......... ,....,._,,�_.... ........ ........ -_ ................. ......°""'"'..._............ ........................... _, .. _ .................... KLEINHANS



����i�=r:.?J'����� �-Heme&ohopetbodMUDy"of�•••tbodiff.,._,.l,orner,DUt111l'Vivalr,lldobli'lioA. n..u.S.AirForoe.....dltbohando,tbomb>dl&ndtbo1-ru,<>!y� cbin,tomak.tboAmericimwaya-ter-yolPNCO&DdhapplneMfor.ill. .. ' ' ...

I hight life

Wednesday , Orlooe!'29 1952 . Di's section F.....,C.-k'•T1-"ltf' Place: loc:althea1.-.. open n.J&ht. M--· Caffllffl"-1�!ale. t?21"kallyperformed. Sccna, Public oqua..., Seville; py c..-da (cl>orvt of-'-) th.-g an>UndU.edga-lactory{l"'Plel'­ mxlte, moth-eaten) -ailing lM en- �':i:- ,. •',� la ;�:r::t�<::" . � ugh.� ) Sol exactly In lhe flnl ac1 ICOtt r:l�o· b '?':t��� wffrfoi . r ,.ther obviou s pllr or hom•r1mmed1pectaclu. Vl!'r-ry Spardohl Toti•e •n ovo....,UplctuniinU.1 .....,e oulolt drl�e.\l"orl<· rn an,&11 a;rffn lodue"'The Major" and "Dr. c faculty on this campu,, without whose &Wd· anceu·e couldn't be doln;,tobe ;r,lr.\n10!lc>.L O:tober',oonlribuUon lo the pafOdy puodo: l'll be loving you.,lw17;, Both in big •nd ...,.11ways. With a loveugnnd A1P a ul Whltemon'1l>ond. !I "; lnoaloonoanddnb hallway s You a... ...-hot l•11 g.,,b ,a!woys. Seeh-ldispon.. Ahym.. th,t,reimmonse; But dothey m1kesen..? Nat olw1ys. And lP NkingofOc:tober... Therlo1ouspart of1utumnls0\-, butCohunbwdoyweelndacks{>?!'Wn!td the matt In• de,cribablylD"elysunery!mqlrulble. lt"·as•c•tnot lhlsback.Cn:>W>dlhat lhe lho11.11htoc:curnd:l"'Olldl:rif thatlndellnablelonfinJforoomdhing thltr-plef""2"·hmlooldoc•l­ th!n.cbteffoblybeautlfU L oomlltlln1 ot oncem)"lt• "o""•nd m,gnifl..,.t and otemal--4lha 1ky full olstan l'Ofle<:tod ln o tlnyJ• -1 of,moun- 1,ln l•k-ls1 dt1l reto pl'>IJ'TNOI ln the st.Yllttd form, do..-n andt&lli:lhlna; 1overwl lhlhe Someonowhol11"e1pomthlelorlt,lhe ewhaknowtwhat the scoop re&llyls.M1ybtll1orellno 1,,_. rlgM away; but •t 1...111'1 out of ou,1ytt,m ,nd-'Aaurtof11,..... pothetloli1lth flPaul ...-

record E ng ljsh teacliing methods criticized 'l"-�o/.Erlcllslllnthes«ond&ryJC!loolJ"h&sdetuiort. �loth< :::'...i�: beu.....-.,-enp1r ad1M1tescannot"'r11e •�th ac,;un,cy,much ILikelke!

SyCOfllOCNII SWAll'TZl"AGEII Laot ___ .__.lrl tbo_called........ thetodal --1r1wbldl--bf•-llbcmt:,flltlnatb.ot tbb •deocrlJld,oao/.-b, -�to·•......,-....... -· "-n__ .,.,.al_ .i-t---�-al ,...... ____-_,._ ..-,,--·-·- 0,,�at ad&l>ce,-an pl11111ed rr- tbo cold outlle ...t-1. ;r�tlf1-pul­ ct,-;1Rthiopianned-out __.,..,....to_ol_ ;,,goo,twitl,a:-;-a1tqdan ud·tll,e.-,a,etheretopick.bu.t )""""''''"�topbyll>ep,:,e -.. litUe H,,,.._..antsyou 10 thlnkohebcoy. DAllcingwitbH-jst,1too -:il.. l;QdriYil>gatutnalt,ofXS, =���."::"".=:::��� ""°"UYJ'Oll""!'aoleardoJ"Thef'ace (lnthe8arRCe oulSlde,....d.laanwlh>t)-OUJu11ro1 tllebar""""'noo.-.Wbeayou 11<>p inWdubonll>e.-ay"-,Y<>Ud!s• _....lba,oheb••-hale olaltlrl­ espedaltybertlllrst. AMit'o'l<>tthatohcdoean'tt,,ave a nQ""-but•t tl>ed pocbt,)'Wrd'.'lecl.Oftthee<'eflUof theeYeft!D&..-tmD, '-- )'UU.i,o.. ,--�la0111eeaTandout!be odier,Uldafter.iutl"lliar­ �;..;::,r-1 1 , t l>ad a pmlJ record . =::.--:-::i::..,: ..

Tloleouttingcriticiu,,ofonoph­ ofour-oyot<,nwn ..- ..,.�W•ko.Jr.••Morof"Thit Allalruo�- MfOA 10Qcandi­ dalN f........... tM-.d\inotitubof"""'*°llyl_J....._ Xr.W--�hlsquestlon. "DoAmericallbo)'!cndllallna'from hl&hldlool.1od.lyh.rn•lnlllelr- ::.:;, t1a1 .!,'= r,t wi ��� p1,.otk�No.o,..,.,.po1Hh-e...,_• A- -,t,;Wlif>g lact<>"Ol,...;.,.-1;.,,,., wllicll-gonolighlongrammar, -wllicll..,.tM-offlUhcanto tead>eo-'udotlto!Oidefltffy­ wiu.outknowinghOwtoopelltMfl'!." Xr.W""'"bellewsthatobor'lqUOS­ tlcmln.-blcll. Sludents att ;n,ded tor the�otll>iolr tactsbu, notpenallad IOI' ....ppynlt!n.cb ar>Oth«fKto!'.ubcompeUUonbo"''""bo<>bandradlo,lfte',1.Jlon.L!ld <:alryed;. tonand publish<.,.wt,o havo noted a nd commeuially..,...g withourmoth-. oc!s olteochingEng\tsh! 'Thcthotidsoul-llc1into thofO JC < ..;1hhildate-fflffklyffl a kaom,e """'II-talk_,.,."ta l l the wllilo if . hc-killhcf",and sh•.-,.. ing ifhc' a...,.,""l!y if heg,otslhe coung,ol",hcmightklsa hel'go,,tly .... lh<-k.Ol'. ;f he ilinto1�tad..,.hc,Peppet101int_.....lip0t;clc.ontheffb!be inf,otu.lted type •bo l s lost,.....,pletely'°"""Whon sudla l&lrd&msel.kl:tto!bean,do, ant..ooc:,ar:1- calloi:kines. ltmi&lltt..S&ldln paalne.lhl< Ibolnfalu.ltedlype Is Ah ���::� s r - ��

Gota bl&dlocktoselllna:bats •cau..,M,plano', out oftune. ��d=:i.�'.';��:: lt'1no;,oclallytho,o>tu• clo�u ,.·ho ant olls[b!e to vo«>. H,,..,. �::u;:m.::�bo ut )'OOC f.. o,ltO ceax.And onryone troopocul wilh uclamalion,ofgood-night,nd, dl.. pl1y ofh•ndkerdoids. '! pl.aytdbylhe,...,.akuou !n&Uthlsamourls disc:le after�fectssuch a re, . .,.l.atl<>n,. v uld pro

Locals derail Wheaton, 4-1 0ctol>ff22Bu!faloS1&1<"••n· d•f••Ud-rteom,1p arloNUOol>J"l•I 1,iJuri."'°"ndt.tptheStatoOOO,... ;."!,:.\:::-� ::1.=.m.:i.� ;';:�-::..i. tl!• uppor richt oomOT" ol ":��: ;: in :..:•:•·� :=.�; kl

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record Frat to ho1.d Bani....... annual meet • Z.. ,. here Nov. 7.9 �J_: · :.,9e,- s,... u.ivena., .1 N... Yon, s,.,. c..n.g. ro..r ......... ..,. ..� 1 �...,..";":1...:;::.:! :=,� ,:,=..,��� Vol.'4-4--No.7 Wednesd•y,NO¥ernber5, 1952 !::."':,�...::�:��::; = :;i-�� 11111 -::_ !:r a:r .. tChangingemp? asesi nArtEd';:'::JZF�l)e]:;;1CA meets on = � •w ., marks convention workshop :.:"i�-4:-� "'-1 w;::= l � M1'not workshopwill b

LUCKIES TASTE BETTER! n,ey'remadebettertota =� cleaner,1resher,smooth

ornr week.,;d -5au•o.,._,. ----- .. �-- ___ .,. ____ --�AG*-�,_,. _ _..,.,. ... �------___ ,......__ .... ---�·-··TII<_.... ,_ .. __ _ .. ___t;ollll. �--· Tllllo........,........-,._ _. .......�-..n.. =i:�-;-i-::..� �- -,_ _,, .. .._�.-- :..� "':' ,-..-.._ .............. =:=�-::=: '-- ...-,."':!''> < - .. ____ ........,., n,o__......... --�- -·�Co•tl••t,Loo t:��. !:; IJ'�.ia•_p,tH'fs ,...._.,_........,illit- �..,-M,q,....... -.1 Mloo}'qtjfnim<8'dwloi;i,.,..p1o,.... --:k,Jo,,t>v-.,,. C.."'18���-0.-.1w",-. bo- --�,"---· --...--.u... �.x...,,-.&D11r..1w..i. ...........H•·-.oi.,...f,i..- --1'1•--p1o� ,......c..,i,,.u .. -..�-· �-....·-u...i,1o �=-- Y,.-:,., 0-- """""'"'°""""" S.ll1<,!q ....... ..... -�---,,,� ... -,._ �P-B,""·al&<>l!ldo

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:?:�·.:�.::s bl �':;�� �;;�,::.��;,.:;�:.:•:; Miss Varsity to be crowned at CrystalBall · � couneii' ������1���!���,�i����:��� � �::-�- , · : ? �ii Cb1 Alpha P1 plans • �..: 11111�� ir;! P ?! 'r �

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· LUCKIES . TAST� · BETTER! JheY,'re made better to taste cleaner,fresher,smoother!

=� .% � ix_ , e, ·� ---'--:----,-,


Wednesd.o ,December 10, 1952

Many students snickered ... t/MI . =��� t .''.':��;:.: i :: ""'" Thoyp-U,Hy<>11can'tlNalfflildNnU f u,q _,. odlllta. We alt INmedU,at ln °"' fn>M poyct,d- 8ut. ot.-it ••• uncl! mom· �.:.:'::.!. o t=i:t::: 1 :: ""!" At theoo,u,dlmeeUqla.ltweek.many p,.... \ pouJ.tlor &<:llon to llop thladeltNClloa-.. :_c1awn. WIIJ'! �!Mywent oo 10<11��e7:.,::f.\:'!:,=..i:1�oa:oo� ood,lldialoto malte an exa mple<>laome1tu· dent.Andyet,hwqtoo g.......,upto-• noteu;pl,J.nlD(the problecnanduld,qi!or,:o. ""'"= Wh.t - allU,l o pnm,T It -to P"'"" lhallfStat alaa1row11·uphlghochoolqmU1)" of<>11r1t...,,tad1im,itl1 tholt udont aU,at mahl tU.11-y. A bouquetalloto the laeulty memben,who IJflftlltlme�lheUJIMl,OUelJ•m,n,ln thelettler• ndnecl ec!edrftdlft&U. It is the hQpe ...

Pipe Dreams

ByJIM Ft.EMING Anc wo nd opo rlc!l ngft uhoflighlhU at1'0lkodacrot1lh1a lNadybrighlmuslC1lh<>ri....,, o fBufl 1lo St le.Outolt hllbl1>1h11co m1 n-a i,dt alentaco llI� took one look at ourWllnri clcla. nddedded we'dh&denoua;hexperienceunclttll tta»dbom· b1rdmmt. Ru mor Jiu It that theUSArmyIll ,o 1nr1odonaie2000nrpl u.11.. l h"1met1to theJChooltobepUsedoutupnitectJon-,. tnft "'intar'1ownb!'Mdolhel 1IB11lf,J0Sta1L 'I11eyul..dde1e, 11onwlllooonbe on uslo. t..Uton:..Wlth only1 2shopplnJdayalettuntil ��·!.,,��'*1 0 ·�==:� 1otn,to make lt�anotherOH. oon.ft mu11betonotdJ ohearunJaslOU..kldltol>ar •h•....,. llluch (followedby• bunt 0111.atk thaili 10 (LlrklA IOllnd) ye&r lfttt year. Ah w�1 1 lsavem)'"Merry0.rbunu"witll nut w..k. Wt' llhas-ea... ,.lollureedllorqllll,IO ,.·atch for m)' Pipe o.....,, Chr\otmuspeclal. U'll btlhebes1ye1.Solor11.

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