American Business Brokers & Advisors - January 2023

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Get the Wisdom of Other Business Owners’ Mistakes FROM TERRY MONROE’S ‘HIDDEN WEALTH’

Are you planning on selling your business in the next 1–2 years? If so, you need to start planning now. But where do you even begin? Selling a business is a massive undertaking. With so many things to consider, some confusion is understandable, but if you don’t get the right kind of help, you could end up selling your business for far less than top dollar and leave tens of thousands of dollars on the negotiating table. These are the kinds of cautionary tales that market maker and four-time author Terry Monroe shares in “Hidden Wealth: The Secret to Getting Top Dollar

through for a multitude of reasons, usually financial. If the business does not get sold to the employee, but to someone else, there is a chance the employee will get disgruntled and quit or tell their fellow employees the business is for sale. Remember selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Keep in mind that selling your business is an emotional process. When people are emotional, they tend to make decisions based on emotion, not logic. When selling your business, hire a professional who uses logic to facilitate the sale of your business and maximize value to get you top dollar. –Terry Monroe TERRY’S QUOTE FOR THE DAY “Everyday is a Great Day & if you don’t think so, just try missing one!” for Your Business.” While we’d all like to hope we’re accomplished and savvy enough to sell our business without any help, the uncomfortable truth is that tons of successful business owners have lost out on millions of dollars in selling their businesses — all because they didn’t know exactly what they were doing. It has been said that we learn from our failures, not our successes, but the true sign of a successful individual is to learn from someone else’s failures and not your own. “Hidden Wealth” seeks to do just that — give every business owner access to the lessons learned from the mistakes of other business owners so they can avoid the setbacks and reap all the rewards. Find out how you can get a copy today by emailing .








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