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Asmany of our patientsmay know, we recently acquired a new practice! On March 1st, we added Fyzical Joe Battle (previously named Reaction) to our team. I’ve known Henry from Fyzical Joe Battle since PT School at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, and I am thrilled that we will be working together – we’ve come a long way since then. Fromgrinding in our study group to working together in our community It’s a great time for us and our teams. Henry and I were also in a partnership in practice several years ago before going our separate ways, and it is exciting to be coming full circle once again. In fact, I recruited Henry to come to El Paso in the first place back in 1985! He is originally from El Paso but was working after we finished school in San Antonio. As we grow together there will be opportunities for new programs and trainings with this new addition, and it’ll be fun to see how everyone benefits! Henry’s focus for years has been on RXN athletics. Because of this, he has been able to help several athletes recover from injuries and improvetheir performanceprior to professional sport combines or college programs. By acquiring his practice, we’ll gain the performancemodel for athletes as well as develop our balance and Body Q program. Our mission is to help high profile athletes reach their performance goals and clients who wish to get or stay fit and healthy reach theirs. It’s all about preventing illness and movement. In April our entire lead staff will also be taking a three-day trip to New Orleans! The meeting called Brand Triumph, is a national meeting of Fyzical franchises. Once a year, our colleaguesmeet up as a way to bounce ideas off one another and employ new ideas for helping our patient’s health and wellness. We are all eager to get

together to discuss trends in physical therapy and health – we would like to bring back additional knowledge on important items for patient care and improving contact with patients. Read more in future mailings! As for my family, we have a fun trip planned this spring, as well! My wife and I have always been big college basketball junkies, and we are ecstatic to be taking a four-day trip to New York, in order to see the Big East basketball tournament and visit Mason, our youngest. While this is usually a trip that my wife and I take by ourselves, this year we are bringing Boomer, who was recently admitted intomedical school. It’ll be a big family trip, celebrating at Madison Square Garden! I really can’t wait to spend time with my family. We certainly have some fun events blossoming this spring, and we hope that you do too. We’d love to know – what do you have going on this spring season? Stop by and say hey……. -Luis, Fyzical El Paso


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Your hips, knees, and lower legs are tough—but injuries happen. Your hips and knees are your largest joints, supporting your body’s weight. They work in close coordination, giving us the mobility we need. Between arthritis, injuries and age, however, pain can flare up. If you’re experiencing hip, knee or leg pain, call us to schedule a closer look. Before you do, however, let’s examine the pain itself. What Causes Hip, Knee and Leg Pain? Hip, knee and leg pain are surprisingly common. Thus, their source can come from a variety of things. If you’re experiencing pain in any part of your leg, pinpointing the exact spot can help you determine the cause. Mayo Clinic has pinpointed several leading causes of hip, knee and leg pain. While many causes exist, the most likely are: HIP, KNEE & LEG PAIN INSIDE: • What Are The Symptoms? • Relieve Knee Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight • Healthy Recipe • Discover How To Live Pain Free

Whether you have hurt your joints or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call today:

• NORTHEAST OFFICE: 915-755-0738 • EAST OFFICE: 915-593-4985 • WEST OFFICE: 915-313-6331 • NEW JOE BATTLE OFFICE: (915) 855-7780

• Arthritis • Dislocation • Hip fracture • Sprains and strains

• Tendonitis • Pinched nerves • Osteoporosis • Cancer

While some causes are more severe than others, a physician can identify each. As the body ages, joints become inflamed. Cartilage may wear down, reducing the “buffer” between bones. In some cases, limited blood flow may cause bone tissue death, or necrosis. If you’re experiencing redness, inflammation and immobilized joints, the condition may be severe.

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While leg pain is noticeable by a slew of symptoms, several stick out. Aching or stiffness around the hip, groin, back or thigh may be a sign of deeper problems. A decreased range of motion can also be a sign of deeper problems which may later result in hip, knee or leg pain. Sometimes, inactivity can contribute to immobility—and later pain. If you’re limping, lurching or are experiencing bad balance, contact a physician. While some hip, knee and leg pains go away, those lasting longer than several months may be hinting at a deeper issue. How Physical Therapy Can Help. In many cases, physical therapy can help patients increase leg mobility. In doing so, they can stretch, flex and strengthen themuscles responsible forsupport. Ifa jointappearsdeformed, or if sudden swelling occurs, contact a physician immediately. A good physical therapy program can assist with post-operation treatment, too. Ifyou’veundergone treatment forosteoporosis,dislocationora fracture, your therapist can help you reclaim full mobility—and a healthy lifestyle. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to your ongoing wellness. On every level, physical therapy serves to enhance the patient’s quality of life. We’re here to help, and we have years of experience backing every therapy option. Contact one of our providers today, and tell us about your symptoms. Sources: https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/hip-pain/basics/when-to-see-doctor/sym- 20050684 https://www.everydayhealth.com/hip-pain/hip-pain-and-your-body.aspx https://www.health.harvard.edu/pain/knees-and-hips-a-troubleshooting-guide-to-knee-and- hip-pain

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INGREDIENTS • 1 head of green cabbage For the Filling • 3/4 cup brown lentils • 3 cups water • 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa • 1 cup vegetable broth • 1 small onion, diced

• 1 tbsp vegetable oil • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar • 2 tbsp soy sauce • 1 tsp smoked paprika For the Sauce: • 1 (28 oz) can tomato puree • 1 tbsp maple syrup, or sweetener of choice

• 1 1/2 tsp red wine vinegar • salt and pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS Begin boiling the cabbage in 3 in of water until the leaves peel off easily (about 20 min). When done, allow them to cool. While cabbage is simmering, bring lentils to a boil in a separate small saucepan. Lower heat and allow to simmer for 35 minutes, adding water to the pot as needed. Drain any excess liquid. While lentils simmer, place broth into another saucepan, add quinoa, and bring to a boil. Let simmer for 20 min until all of the water is absorbed (about 20 min). Cook onion with oil in a large skilletovermediumheatuntilsoftand translucent (about5min).Add1 1/2 cupsof thecooked lentilsand 1 cup of the cooked quinoa, along with red wine vinegar, soy sauce, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper to taste. Make sure ingredients are mixed before removing from heat. Preheat the oven to 350°. Stir all sauce ingredients together in a small bowl, then distribute about 1/2 cup of the sauce into the bottom of 9 x 9 inch baking dish. After peeling leaves off of the cabbage head, roll about 3-4 tbsp of filling into thecenterofeach leafuntilallfilling isused.Placeeach roll into thebakingdish.Spoon remainingsauce over the rolls, cover and bake for 1 hour. Let the rolls cool before serving.


Patient Success Spotlight


At FyzicalTherapy & Balance Centers, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions. It’s time to go to FyzicalTherapy & Balance Centers if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury

1. Call and talk to your therapist 2. Discover why your pain has come back 3. Get your custom recovery program

“Turned my disabilities into abilities!” “Working with Shaun I felt improvement in my knee even after just the first day. I hardly feel any pain in that knee now, and I am really excited to be able to play volleyball again. I will definitely recommend him as a physical therapist.” - Dominguez, Alexis

Relieve Knee Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing knee pain.

Strengthens Knees


KNEE EXTENSION STRETCH While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Repeat 6 times on each side.

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