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Football Season Is Here Again Looking Forward to Another Alabama Season

I’m very excited for the college football season to start up again this year. I’m a huge Alabama fan, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Tide this year. I grew up in a family of Alabama fans, so it was pretty natural that I started supporting them, too. As everyone here knows, we don’t have a pro football team in Alabama, so our college teams are what’s on everyone’s minds, especially around August. We start seeing all these blogs and articles talking about summer camp practices and who’s looking good at what position. Everyone always gets pretty excited. For the past 10 years, Alabama fans have been spoiled with our coach, Nick Saban. The team has had amazing success since he became our head coach. It’s reminiscent of when I watched Alabama play as a kid. Bear Bryant was their coach in the late ‘50s until he retired in 1982. During Bryant’s time, I was spoiled with their continued wins, but after he retired, we had a couple of up-and-down seasons. Then Saban got here and started spoiling us again. Saban is kind of like a modern-day Bryant, maybe better, and I’m glad to have had this chance to watch the two of them take Alabama so far with so much consistency. The entirety of football season, including preseason, is a fun time of year. I’ve been a season ticket holder since I graduated college, and I always make an effort to go to every one of the home games. I don’t make it to too many of the away games unless it’s one of the SEC conference championships or Bowl games. I’ve been to most of the national championships they’ve played.

I have two seasonal tickets and, before we had kids, my wife and I would go to all of the games together. We met while we were both attending Alabama, so we were pretty big fans to begin with. Then, when Carlee was born, I started taking her to the games, and I did the same when Allee came along. But, now that the girls are out of the house and my wife doesn’t care to go anymore, I usually go to the games with some of my buddies. But my wife and kids are still huge Alabama fans and always root for our team, even if we’re not together. Whenever I go to games, no matter who I’m with, I always have a great time. In my opinion, nothing beats college game day in Tuscaloosa. Of course, a lot of my friends are Auburn fans, and they would beg to differ that nothing beats college game day in Auburn. I do love my Auburn friends, except maybe when we’re playing against each other, especially if we lose.

If Alabama loses, I don’t want to hear anything from them for at least a week; I’d rather rub it in than be on the receiving end. Even though I love football, I’ve never played on a team other than YMCA flag football. I mostly enjoyed the running and catching aspect of it all. But, when it came to tackle football, I didn’t mind being the hitter, but I really didn’t like being the ‘hittee.” I remember I did go out for a little league tackle football team once, and, during one of the first practices we had, our coach had us line up in two lines with another guy right in front of you. We were separated by around 5–10 yards, and, when he’d blow the whistle, one side would charge to the other and run you over. I think the idea was to teach you how to take a hit, but all it taught me was that I didn’t want to play tackle football. Just like many years before, I’m looking forward to this season. I enjoy going to the games and talking football with the guys and my family, not to mention the pre and post game parties. Here’s to another great season with Coach Saban. Let’s hope he continues spoiling all of us Alabama fans!

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