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itself. But it just doesn’t work with how we use social media. It’s fun and cool, but you need to scroll through and when the video pops up, it's usually paused in some funky freeze-frame face. You only have two seconds to catch someone’s attention on Facebook. Make sure the image they see is going to resonate with them.” 3. Change Your Profile Picture “This one is probably going to be a strike against everybody,” Christina began. “Your profile picture should not be a logo. It should not be your business card picture or whatever professional headshot you use. It should not be a house. It needs to be a selfie of you.” This sounds like it goes against every marketing rule out there. With branding, it’s all about continuity, right? But Christina made some really good points. “Take an actual selfie of yourself and update that picture every quarter. Most Realtors are out there using a picture from 10 years ago! But the goal with your page is to be able to walk into a local grocery store and have someone come around the corner and say, ‘Oh! You’re the real estate person for the area. Hold on, my brother is looking for a house. Can you help him?’ “This is a true story that happened to a Realtor I know. She updates her profile

with a new selfie every three months so she’s always recognizable. She wouldn’t be recognizable if she was using a 10-year-old glamour photo. When people are engaging with your page and see your current picture, then they see you at a coffee shop, they know you. Even if your business professional picture is current, it’s not approachable. This is social; we’re trying to get people to approach us like real people. We don’t want them to feel like we’re going to sell them. “My degree is in marketing. But after all these years, I’m going to tell you that you don’t need a logo, you don't need pretty colors or the same photo everywhere — that’s too much noise. That’s not how people interact now, it’s unfeeling ... There’s a psychological barrier when people are in a professional business concept versus an ‘I’m just like you’ concept … You have to make an impression, a feeling impression. They have to recognize your face with someone they actually connect with.” This whole conversation was a real wake- up call about using social media as a Realtor. Christina’s advice goes against a lot of the traditional marketing practices that work for brick-and-mortar, but it really taps into the way people use social media. Get more advice from Christina, including understanding what your social media presence is for, by listening to the full episode at .

If they’ve already done business with you, then they’re already connected with you. They’re already in your database and coming to your appreciation events. Your page is a conduit between people you don’t know and your database. It’s got to have a connection with people.” 2. Change Your Header Photo Christina hit me again with this one, calling out header photos with collages and houses. “That header photo needs to be about the lifestyle,” Christina said. “It should not be a house, and it should not be you or your team. Go take some great pictures of your area! Sculptures, boating, whatever your areas stand out for, get some pictures of them. No. 2, do not use a collage. They don’t work on mobile. You can’t see them on mobile, and your whole point is to stop the scrolling. If you’re putting up ads and your collage header photo pops up on someone’s feed, nothing will stand out to them, which means they aren’t going to stop scrolling.” “What about a video?” I asked, with great hesitation. “Yeah, no video,” Christina replied. “Everyone loves videos because they seem so fancy. And yeah, it looks really great, if you’re looking at it as a Realtor on the page


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