VanDyk Mortgage - February 2020

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3 Things to Change on Your Facebook Page Right Now DON’T LET SOCIAL MEDIA RUIN YOUR REPUTATION

Digital marketing seems like something everyone should be able to do. We can all send an email and start a social media account, right? As it turns out, a lot of people, especially those in real estate, are pretty bad at it. That’s why I invited Christina Ethridge of Leads and Leverage to come on my podcast and talk about the big mistakes Realtors make on social media. Christina has been in the real estate industry since 1995, and she helped launched one of the very first real estate websites in the world. Based on her experience, Christina founded Leads and Leverage, a recourse for real estate agents to grow their Facebook presence to generate more leads. Christina joined me on “The HartBeat Show” to talk about three things Realtors need to change on their Facebook page. Warning: Some of these might be a bit painful. 1. Change Your Page Name Here’s what you DON’T want in your page name: • Your name • Your brokerage name • Your team name • The words “Realtor,” “realty,” “real estate,” or “homes for sale”

“Your business page is not about you,” Christina said. “Your page is about them .” This one really stung for me. My Facebook business page is “Tim Hart Jr.” Fortunately, I’m not a Realtor. I asked Christina what Facebook page names works for Realtors and she suggested names that highlight the lifestyle of the area your prospects live in, like “Key West Lifestyle” or “Fort Myers Living.” “Nobody knows you,” Christina said, not pulling any punches. “But they live in Fort Myers. Between ‘Tim Hart Jr.’ or ‘Fort Myers Living’, which are they going to click? They don’t know who Tim Hart Jr. is, but they’ll see Fort Myers and think, ‘Oh, that’s me!’ They’re looking for a connection to where they live. “Your business page is not there for you to draw in people that already know, like, and trust you. That’s not the goal of your page.


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