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19 MAR


SKYLAR ONE YEAR LATER Exciting dog news this March! The end of this month will mark the one- year anniversary of bringing home our Bernese puppy, Skylar. Longtime readers will recall we brought her in to learn from our beloved Bella, who passed away after a few weeks of tutoring. If only she’d had more time to teach her the ropes. Since last month’s article was so business heavy, I think it’s high time for a DuPont dog update. At the time of this writing, Skylar is mostly trained. She’s still 80 pounds of fun-loving knucklehead, but at least she’s housebroken. Looking back at some of my past articles making mention of our puppy, I was perhaps overly optimistic about how easy training this young mountain dog could be. While I’m open to the possibility that I may have become more doting toward Skylar than I was with previous dogs, I think where I erred was assuming all Bernese have the same personality. Like the hormones that kick in postpartum, there is something that leads one to forget how much work it is to train a puppy. My frame of reference became my elder, introverted Bella as I prepared for our new addition. I suppose that, just like humans, the breed has its introverts and extroverts. Skylar is “on” all the time. Most of the time, it’s charming, like when she comes bounding up to meet me when I get home from work. Other times are decidedly less cute, like when she decided to shred more than a few paperback books and remote controls on a whim.

but my wife and daughter struggle to control her —

and she’s only getting bigger.

It’s more than a little true that we get pets at my age to remind ourselves what raising kids is like. There’s plenty

of joy, affection, and frustration to go around, and at the end of the day, you have to remind yourself that, while you can teach them, you certainly can’t control them. I don’t think it was an accident that we adopted Skylar as our daughter approaches her college years.

In all, Skylar’s brought a great energy to our household, book shredding and all. Having her bound up to meet me every evening certainly has never failed to put a smile on my face. And in a way, for all my training efforts, it would seem Skylar has managed to teach me a thing or two. Dogs, just like people, don’t always learn the same way. A great trainer, much like a great financial advisor, needs to take the unique needs and personality of their charge into account.

So, for the first time in three dogs, the DuPonts are calling in the cavalry.


Skylar is becoming a regular at doggy day care, where she’ll hopefully burn off some of that energy


on a more regular basis. In all, she’s

an amazing dog; she just has an enormous personality. She listens to me well enough on walks,

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