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The ability to rescue a fallen person is required on any site where persons are working at height.Whilst harnesses are worn when working at height, as part of a fall protection system to cradle the body in the event of a fall, it is a distinct advantage when considering a rescue. It is every employers responsibility to ensure that if a person does suffer a fall and is suspended in a harness that they must be able to recover them as quickly as possible. In this event it is also important that the rescuers are not put in further danger to carry out the rescue.The Auto descender and pole system provide for this by not adding to the hazardous situation putting the rescuer in any danger.The device is designed to be able to reach the suspended person with an open double action snap hook and attach this to the suspended person through the rear D ring of the harness.The system is designed that if the suspended person is unconscious no further help is required as the attachment can be made without the assistance of the suspended person. Once the hook is in place the suspended person can be raised to allow for the loaded equipment to be removed. Once this is done the person can be automatically descended to the ground by the of device.



Emergency evacuation or escape from heights can be achieved with ease using an Automatic Descender. Once attached to the unit a person can descend to the ground safely without having to control the equipment.

These devices are extremely useful requiring people to have minimal training and experience. Knowledge of how the equipment works is not required. Once the unit is set up on the anchor or attachment point, it is then a simple matter of attaching the hook on descender to full body harness and then the device controls the descent speed of the user to a lower level.

The descent speed is 0.8m per second which is slower than jumping from a chair.

Automatic descenders come with either 15m, 30m or 60m of rope, but can be supplied with rope lengths to suit the customer.

The unit has hooks on both ends of the rope and can be used in either direction. When multiple escapes need to be made this means that as one person is descending the second hook is coming up to the top level to be used by the next person.

The Automatic Descender can also be supplied with a rewind handle and be used to raise a person. This is extremely valuable when a person has fallen over an edge and needs to be recovered quickly. The equipment is set up above the suspended person and the hook is lowered to them for attachment to the rear D ring of a full body harness. The rescuer then winds the handle and raises the suspended person far enough to release the load on the fall arrest lanyard. Once the suspended person has been released the rescuer can then automatically lower the fallen person to the ground. This means that the rescuer is placed in very little danger.




Automatic descender 15m rope length


Automatic descender 30m rope length


Automatic descender 60m rope length


Automatic descender with re-wind handle 15m rope length


Automatic descender with re-wind handle 30m rope length


Automatic descender with re-wind handle 60m rope length


Rescue Pole – 2.4 metres extending to 3.8 metres

Note: Rope lengths on both automatic and re-wind descenders can be manufactured to suit customers requirements.



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