Helping to create a sustainable future… F rom June 2019 ROL Cruise are delighted to announce that Blue Horizons and any other brochure you receive from us will be 100% recyclable. We want to protect our environment, as well as take you on voyages to see it, so we are introducing potato starch polybags and FSC & PEFC certified paper marketing to our standard way of working to help create a sustainable future.

Our pledge to you, and to our environment, is that Blue Horizons and any other marketing brochure from ROL Cruise will never be sent using a plastic polybag.

Potato starch packaging is not suitable for standard recycling, instead please: 3 Dispose of on your compost heap 3 Dispose of in your garden waste bin 3 Dispose of in your kitchen food waste bin 3 Use as a liner for your kitchen food waste bin How to dispose of your potato starch packaging & help protect our environment…

What is potato starch packaging?

3 A compostable alternative for polythene, derived from potato starch 3 Usually comes from waste potatoes so you don’t need to grow a crop to make it 3 100% compostable, renewable and sustainable 3 Contains no oil-based materials, plastics or harmful toxins 3 Carries the EN13432 industrial certification. OK compost HOME certification, which the ROL Cruise wrapper has, is the equivalent for domestic compost 3 It’s durable, but will break down in just 12 weeks on a compost heap One of the main talking points in the sustainability conversation is the importance of using timber from sustainable sources. To help contribute to reducing environmental impact we are encouraged to source materials from sustainably managed forests where trees are replanted as they are felled. There are over 50 What is FSC & PEFC certified paper marketing?

certification programmes worldwide that address the different types of forests, the two most well-known certifications are PEFC and FSC. With the importance of responsibly sourcing our paper marketing at the forefront of our minds, we can guarantee that we will always use FSC & PEFC paper in our marketing.

Our pledge to you, and to our environment, is that we will always use FSC & PEFC certified paper in our marketing communications.

In addition to using potato starch packaging and FSC & PEFC certified paper marketing, we are also staying true to our pledge within the ROL Cruise office. Here, we are helping to create a sustainable future by: Recycling within the ROL Cruise office…

3 Collecting, shredding and recycling all paper waste 3 Recycling our printer toner cartridges 3 All cardboard and general waste is collected, sorted and recycled 3 All unusable PC equipment is recycled


Blue Horizons | June 2019

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