Semantron 23 Summer 2023

Hong Kong’s Covid measures

Figure 6: Many respondents believed the restrictions heavily affected their daily lives, while not being very effective, leading to a low acceptance rate. EFFECTIVENESS - Mean: 3.47 Median: 3 Mode: 1 Std. Dev.: 1.98 IMPACT - Mean: 6.87 Median: 7 Mode: 9 Std. Dev.: 2.28 ACCEPTANCE - Mean: 3.78 Median: 4 Mode: 1 Std. Dev.: 2.19

Figure 7: The impact of COVID restrictions were felt across different areas of life.

Regarding vaccination, while some participants were unconvinced of its ability to prevent COVID infection, there was a general consensus that the vaccine could effectively prevent severe cases of and death by, COVID. However, there exists a considerable amount of distrust in the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine. It is seen that most respondents are generally dissastified with the government’s handling of COVID in Hong Kong, causing trust in the administration to be rather low.


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