Semantron 23 Summer 2023

Hong Kong’s Covid measures

Lastly, participants were asked 3 optional open-ended questions about COVID. Around 60 to 70 responses were collected for each question. Some answers are shown below:

From these comments and the responses to the survey, it is clear that the respondents are dissatisfied with the government and Zero-COVID. They are in favour of implementing less restrictive policies and following the ‘ Living with COVID ’ Strategy instead.

The Success of Zero-COVID

From an objective standpoint, Zero-COVID achieved its goal of eliminating all infections for 2 years. A low infection rate meant COVID was contained within the community and its spread was halted. There were no local infections for three consecutive months. Figure 11: Daily new COVID cases in Hong Kong, from March 2020 to January 2022. Note the maximum number of cases peaked at around 140 per day during this period.

Source: Our World in Data, 2022.

During the period of zero infections, citizens largely enjoyed normal life with few restrictions, as people enjoyed the freedom of going out to the park or to the cinema without the fear of catching


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