Semantron 23 Summer 2023

Vaccine hesitancy in Hong Kong


This study has shown that the five most important factors related to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy amongst elderly aged above 60 were perceived side effects, perceived effectiveness, knowledge of COVID-19 vaccine, family support and perceived susceptibility to COVID-19. Establishment of timely and tailored measures to tackle with these five factors is paramount to an ideal vaccine uptake among the elderly in Hong Kong, who are generally the most vulnerable. Nonetheless, looking at the bigger picture, the government should prioritize the vaccination of elderly in Hong Kong. Vaccination programmes should target the elderly like most other countries have done. By vaccinating most of the older population, massive outbreaks in the elderly community will be prevented, and the increasing number of deaths due to COVID-19 will cease.


Figure 9. Survey to investigate vaccine hesitancy amongst elderly in Hong Kong The questionnaire is intended to investigate the thoughts of people at the age of 65 or above on COVID-19 vaccination. This questionnaire only takes about one minute to complete . Please put a tick in the selected squares 1. What is your age?  Under 20  21 to 30  31 to 40

 41 to 50

 51 to 60

 61 to 70

 71 to 80

 81 to 90

 90 or above


What is your gender?  male

 female

 Other: _________

3. Have you been vaccinated against COVID-19?

 Yes, have received____ doses of the covid-19 vaccine (please answer the question 5). Will you receive covid-19 vaccines?  Yes, I will get a covid-19 jab in the next three months

 No (please answer question 4)


 I will not receive any covid-19 vaccine

 Wait-and-see

5. Do you think the COVID-19 vaccine can reduce symptoms of COVID-19 infection?  Yes  No  I don't know 6. Do you think the COVID-19 vaccine can reduce risk of hospitalization due to covid-19?  be  not  I don't know

7. Do you think the COVID-19 vaccine will reduce the risk of death due to covid-19?  be  not  I don't know

8. What are the side effects do you think covid-19 vaccines have?  No side effects  little

 moderate

 severe

 lead to death

 I don't know

9. Do you think vaccination reduces the risk of other people from getting COVID-19?


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