Semantron 23 Summer 2023

AI and creative jobs

DALL-E-2 can not only do image inpainting but also it can do image outpainting. Image outpainting is when DALL-E-2 is given an image and some prompts. With these prompts, DALL-E-2 can zoom out of the image to show what is beyond the frame of the image. The new image is made so that you can keep zooming out to make it feel like it goes on forever. The objects that lie outside the frame of the first image are represented by the prompts that the user inputs. Although DALL-E-2 is exciting to a lot of people because it gives the opportunity for people who are not as talented at art as other people to express themselves, it has a lot of artists worried about what their future is going to be. Other AI image generators have been made before DALL-E-2, but the reason artists are now getting worried is that DALL-E-2 can produce artworks that look as good if not better than what an artist can produce and are able to generate these images in seconds. This will make it much harder for small artists to have a career because people looking for small logo designs or just a cool artwork can just use DALL-E-2 and get the result they were looking for in seconds. This will leave a lot of people who do small art commissions without a job and completely goes against the idea that if AI gets more advanced most people will get creative jobs. Also, if this technology gets more advanced photoshop and photo editors will not be needed as people will just make use of the DALL-E-2 feature, inpainting. This will result in lots of other people who photoshop images and fix images without a job as people will just go for the cheaper and quicker option. In conclusion, I believe that creativity is something that can be reached by AI. Creativity is something that humans are not born with but something they learn. Just like the AI when humans create music or art, they will take inspiration from their surroundings. This is no different from what the AI is doing. However, I believe that for art to grow and change there still must be humans at the centre of the creation of art. Therefore, I believe that as these technologies develop in the future it will be the rich and famous artists who benefit from this technology, while the independent and freelance artists will suffer as they will find it harder to find work.

Here are some films, which show the technologies at work.


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