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National Payroll Week As we are sure you are aware, National Payroll Week is coming, running from 6–10 September 2021. In traditional style, the policy team will be delivering a legislative update, full of the information that payroll professionals need to be aware of to succeed in their roles. ...the policy team will be delivering a legislative update, full of the information that payroll professionals need to be aware of to succeed in their roles.

CIPP can communicate with a voice that represents the whole payroll profession when discussing issues with HMRC and other key stakeholders; highlighting both the positives and the negatives that need to be addressed. The interviews were each fifteen minutes in length and allowed for individuals plus a maximum of two of their colleagues to share their experiences – whether those were about calculations, audits, guidance, claim processes, or, of course, a combination of all. The discussions were entirely confidential, but the content will be used to provide feedback to HMRC and could potentially mould future research in this area. The sessions proved extremely popular, with members snapping up slots as soon as they were made available. We will be analysing the feedback from the meetings, and will share findings in due course; so watch this space. If there are any key topics that you would like to see the policy team focus on in the future, then please send an email to with your ideas.

what changes may be in store. We hope that you will watch and enjoy the update. The policy team would love to receive your feedback, on what worked well, what didn’t work well, or just some considerations for the team to take on board in future. Please contact us at Is hybrid working the future? As we return to some semblance of normality, there is much discussion around the future of working practices. There seems to be a clear steer towards hybrid working styles – that is, splitting time between working from home and from a workplace, such as an office. This will inevitably have implications for payroll departments, particularly in terms of expenses and benefits. Will employees qualify for the £6 per week tax relief for working from home, if they split a portion of their time at home, but some in the office? What will happen with qualifying journeys for the purposes of cycle to work schemes? Are there any areas that you would like to discuss? Get in touch with the policy team, at . n

The team will also look at payroll in practice and will glimpse into what the future of the profession may hold, and

Standard Enrolments close 1 October

Become a qualified professional at the forefront of your industry Enrolments are nowopen for the Autumn 2021 intake of our Foundation Degree in Payroll Management and Foundation Degree in Pensions Administration andManagement Designed for those who wish to thrust their way into the dynamic world of payroll and pensions administration and management, these foundation degrees are the perfect way to gain skills, knowledge and confidence to help boost your career.

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