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ensures that even as your business grows and needs change, you maintain one database, one employee record, and one single source of truth. A range of solutions can meet T&A requirements in one system. These include flexible pay rules for managing true labour costs, self-service tools to help enforce leave policy tracking, and real-time visibility for better exception management, all of which enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why. LC: T&A systems have evolved to such an extent that they are now invaluable to a business which needs to manage its workforce. Attendance management was previously a laborious task for managers, payroll and HR alike. However, T&A systems allow employers to report on absence levels accurately, highlight trends, and have access to accurate data whenever a query or issue arises. Automation allows pro-active management, identifying employee welfare concerns and cost savings for the business through absence management. Systems are now capable of handling a multitude of complex shift patterns and scheduling employee hours to ensure

an employer has the most efficient and effective work patterns in place. T&A systems can be fully integrated with payroll by providing a direct interface to the payroll system itself. Therefore, human error is removed from the equation and both employee and employer reap the benefits of accurate and timely data collection and reporting. ...the question shouldn’t be to what extent it can be integrated, because in today’s market it must do. WJ: The main advantage of many T&A systems in the market today is the advantage of integration. Enabling true ‘turnkey solution’ functionality within your business instantly brings with it substantial benefits. Most of the solutions available are cloud-based and offer easy integration to most of the main HR solutions and if it does not, question why.

T&A capture is only the start. Using scheduling tools to support plan versus actual and managing missed or error in time is key to managing your workforce from a human planning and cost perspective. Equally, integrating time and absence is vital to the HR function for such things as adhering to terms and conditions, working time directives, law, entitlement, reporting and so on. And not forgetting integration to payroll. Time exceptions impact pay – such things like additional payments and deductions, missed shifts, late starters, early leavers, overtime, allowances, standby, call out, time accruals etc. And finally, the need to integrate to finance and reporting functionality across the business. So, the question shouldn’t be to what extent it can be integrated, because in today’s market it must do. JL: T&A solutions will manage attendance, scheduling of work times and data collection for payroll and HR – this is the essence of a good T&A solution. Modern T&A solutions will integrate into most payroll, HR and finance solutions through flat files or application programming interfaces. n

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NEWTOPAYROLLANDWANT TO STANDOUT FROMTHECROWD? The Payroll Technician Certificate meets the industry’s rapidly evolving requirements for knowledgeable payroll administrators. Designed for those new to payroll, or those who wish to improve their working knowledge of payroll processes, this qualification covers the core skills required to administer the payroll function. Includes five dynamic units: ● Calculating National Insurance contributions (NICs) and gross payment apportionments ● Taxable pay and PAYE income tax calculations ● Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) calculations and administrations ● Child-related statutory payment calculations and administration ● Administering statutory deductions and additional payroll obligations

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