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January 2019

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At the end of January, we have our office retreat — our chance to spend time together as a team and set our goals. We use this time to reflect on the year and evaluate our growth in various areas of our lives. Personally, I’m getting back into running and aim to do 5K three times a week — depending on how much food I eat during the holidays. I find that engaging in regular exercise helps me in other areas of life, from my mental aptitude to my willpower. I’m less likely to eat that extra donut if I know I have a run coming up the next day. As the year winds down, I hope you’re enjoying time with your family, as well as winter in the Star Valley. I know many of our patients are enjoying the chance to ski, snowmobile, and sled. We do enjoy winter here, don’t we? I had a young man come in the other day, and he got a snowmobile that has more horsepower than my truck! I enjoy listening and taking part vicariously in the great stories my patients share. There was a time when I did those adrenaline-pumping activities myself, but now it’s something of the past for me. I’m content to spend quieter days with my family and watch my children and grandchildren partake in the adventure.

are in Utah. We’ll get together in Jackson Hole — one of my favorite places — and I’m looking forward to it. With our busy schedules, we have to plan these events far in advance, and the prospect of a few days with good friends is exciting. We also have goals for our practice to accomplish in 2019. We are actively engaged in finding new ways to serve our patients, which requires continuous education. The more we know, the better we are able to treat and care for each person who walks into our office. I just finished a dental implant course through the WhiteCap Institute in Heber City, Utah. In addition to now being able to offer this service to my patients, I met dentists from all over the country, from Minnesota and North Dakota to Idaho and Utah. It was awesome to rub shoulders with these professionals in my field and get some excellent education in the process.

2018 was a blur! The year is over already, and I’m excited for the upcoming events we have planned and the surprises that await. There’s one event that’s especially exciting for us: Jeanelle and I are expecting a grandchild due in April! April Fool’s Day, to be exact. What’s doubly unique is this grandchild will share their birthday with their grandfather. Yes, my birthday has been on the receiving end of many mischievous friends’ or family members’ pranks. Through the years, I’ve had many friends call me up on my birthday pretending to be various government officials, only to say “April Fool’s!” At least in the future, I might have someone to share the experience with me! Family continues to be our focus. We have a family vacation planned for this summer right here in the Star Valley. In June, I’m going to a mini college reunion with some of my classmates. One is in Arizona, and two

Have a wonderful start to your new year, and enjoy the winter season!

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