Solutions Unlimited January 2020

January 2020

Clearing a Path Toward Your Goals

Beyond the New Year

We all know that making New Year’s resolutions is the easy part, but following through on them takes planning and dedication. The best way to make your resolutions stick is to have a solid idea of where you want to be in the near future. The most important step in accomplishing your goals is to have a crystal-clear picture of how you want your life to look. Take out a piece of paper and write down your age in five years. Write down the age your spouse will be five years from now, and then the ages of your kids. Now take five minutes to deeply imagine how you want your life to look then. The clearer you can visualize your life at that point, the better you’ll stay on track to make it a reality. You must have goals that are important and meaningful to you. It’s very helpful for me to work backward from this vision and break everything down into five-year, three-year, then one-year goals. Then I break my next year down into quarterly goals. That way I don’t get overwhelmed. Another critical “hack” is to let people who care about you know what you’re trying to accomplish because it makes it harder to quit when you’re accountable to others. When your family and friends know what you’re working toward,

they can help you to stay on course and help encourage you when you fall short or make a mistake along the way. I’d also strongly recommend you join an accountability group and meet with them regularly to keep focused on accomplishing your goals. Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions with good intensions, but less than 2% follow through. Why is that? Not having a clear picture of where you truly want to go and not having a system in place to keep you on track greatly reduces your chances of success. One New Year’s resolution I’d highly recommend is installing a culture of cybersecurity in your business. Cybersecurity affects all businesses and is becoming more complex every month. The top topic for January is

that support for Windows 7 is ending this month. This means systems running Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates, making them increasingly vulnerable to ransomware. If you are not 100% sure your network is secure, please reach out for a complimentary cybersecurity assessment. Through the end of January, we are offering our annual assessment free of charge ($500 value) to help you keep ahead of ongoing cybersecurity threats.

–Kevin Smith


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