Performance Therapy: Staying Active & Better Balanced

5 WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR BONES NEWSLETTER Health & Wellness Newsletter June, 2019 1. Balance your calcium and magnesium intake. There is much research that has been done on the need for calcium and magnesium uptake into your bones. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet, rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. This gives your bones the materials it needs to grow.

2. Do weight bearing exercises regularly. When you can, performweight bearing exercises such as walking or running. The impact through the legs strengthens the bones in the legs, hips and spine. If you suffer from joint problems, then try to alternate non-weight bearing exercises such as swimming, elliptical machines and biking. 3. Do strengthening exercises. Performing the right kind of exercises with resistance or weights helps to stimulate bone and muscle growth. Blood flow is also improved making for greater health of the bone and muscles. Talk to your physical therapist, before trying strengthening exercises you are unsure of doing. 4. Perform extension exercises for your spine. With the right kind of extension exercises, you can over time, reduce the excessive curvature in the upper back and forward head posture. This helps distribute normal forces across the entire

spine, helping to reduce neck pain, headaches and especially low back pain. Make sure you talk to your therapist first before trying extension exercises, so they can teach you the proper procedures.

5. Learn good posture techniques. This takes a big load off your spine, helps you stand taller and an added benefit is you look thinner. Carry yourself tall when walking and sitting. When sitting, use a support for the low back lumbar area, such as a small rolled up hand towel. Try ergonomical chairs and standing desks when at work. Switch up sitting and standing routines during the day to give your spine a break. OUR PROGRAMS & SERVICES

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