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Soaking Up the Beauty Around Us

experience the beauty all around us. One of our patient families was particularly enthusiastic about the extravaganza — the Luthis got a little richer last year with the $500 prize we awarded. It was so fun to see all of their photos. I have to admit that we’ve turned into hermits during the latter part of winter, so we’re looking forward to another summer full of adventure. I let my running routine slide a bit with the snow, but I have plans to get back to it in the coming weeks. There’s a set amount of free time I have in each day, so I have to make it a priority. While Jeanelle and I don’t have any trips in the works yet for this summer, we’re hoping you’ll motivate us to explore again! We love seeing your photos and knowing you’re enjoying the beautiful area we live in. Thank you for making our jobs wonderful.

Our 2018 Summer Extravaganza!

Lava Hot Springs is another nearby spot we enjoy, even more so during the winter. Just under two hours away from Star Valley, it’s an ideal distance for a day-long getaway. We recently made the trip for a soak and returned relaxed and refreshed. The naturally heated springs and the atmosphere are therapeutic. With different pools that vary in temperature, we can choose which pools we want to soak in. We usually choose the pool farthest from the water source, which is still about 105 degrees. That’s plenty warm for us! There are people who enjoy the hotter water, but we enjoy the cooler, more tolerable temperatures. Regardless of what you choose, you’re sure to leave the springs feeling relaxed. We’re lucky to live here, aren’t we? There’s so much beautiful nature close to us that we get to enjoy. All this is to say thank you for participating in our Summer Extravaganza last year. You helped us get inspired to

Last summer, you helped us get outside — yes, you! Your photos during the Summer Extravaganza compelled Jeanelle and I to see more of our beautiful state. We also traveled just outside of state lines for some new adventures in destinations we’d never visited. Our treks included hiking in Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and take pictures. In addition to visiting many of our nearby sites, we also traveled into Idaho and Utah. Minnetonka Cave, just across the border in Idaho, was among the places we visited. If you haven’t been, I would recommend stopping at this unique place. It was discovered in the 1800s and has nine caverns. You can visit and observe a half- mile of stalagmites and caverns in a guided tour. Minnetonka Cave is also close to Bear Lake, another beautiful place Jeanelle and I enjoyed visiting. The lake itself lies partly in Idaho and partly in Utah.

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