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Backcountry Adventures in Grand Teton

also shares updates about road closures and snow conditions for the area. If you do encounter snow, which can happen into June, you can always turn around. A backcountry trip should be fun, not dangerous. You might see wildlife while you’re in the Tetons, including grizzly or black bears. Becoming “bear aware” in the region is important for keeping yourself, and the wildlife, safe. Draw attention to yourself — whether it’s by singing or talking loudly — when you’re walking through bear country to warn them of your presence. Always use the bear canisters that the Park Service requires in this area for food. Canisters are often available at the trailhead, but you might be better off bringing your own. Protect the species and yourself by correctly storing your food.

In February, backcountry reservations opened up for the Tetons, and while the snow is still piled high enough to make a backpacking excursion a challenge, the Grand Tetons will be accessible for hikers, campers, and backpackers come this summer. The beautiful mountain ranges and trails that wind through them provide a wonderful outdoor excursion, and you can start planning for it right now. Camping or backpacking in the Tetons can be a thrilling, beautiful, and fun experience with a bit of preparation. Backcountry camping requires a permit, and those are available on a first-come, first-served basis one day before your trip. You’ll want to bring a filtration system or tablets to purify water and bear canisters to store food at night.

The National Park Service website has a backcountry trip planner that is available at NPS.Gov/GRTE/PlanYourVisit/Back.htm. The NPS site

Happy trails to you!

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