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Lessons From MyDog About Healthcare. to get tests or see specialists within their group. Often weeks go by and the patient has had lots of tests and doctor visits but not received any actual treatment! So What Do We Do? Take advice from Brodie. Make your concerns known. Before you go see anyone in healthcare (PT included) write down any questions you have. As soon as you get into the exam room, let them know right away you have a list of questions for your doctor. Ask specific questions: “Why do you want to run that test and what is it going to tell us?”, “What type of recovery can I expect if I decide to havetheprocedure?”, “Arethereanyothertreatmentoptionsavailable I shouldconsider?” The more specific and detailed your question the better your understanding will be of what to expect. Always Remember You Are In Charge! Nobody should ever make a decision regarding your health except for you. Nobody can force you to take a pill, have an injection, get a test done, or perform surgery without your permission. It seems that too often patients have lost sight that you are the one in charge. It is our job to listen to you, answer your questions, and do everything we can to help you get back to normal. You always have the right to choose where you receive your care. Just because someone recommends a test, particular clinic, or provider doesn’t mean you have to go there. The choice is always yours to make.

As I sat down to work on this month’s newsletter, I glanced over and saw Brodie, our family dog, lying down with his nose facing the back door. Knowing that this was his way of asking to go out, I got up and went over to open the door to let him outside. When I sat back down, I recalled a conversation I had with a couple of my patients this past week. Dogs Ask For What They Want. When Brodie wants to eat dinner, he paces back and forth in front of the coffee table wagging his tail with unusual enthusiasm. When he wants to go outside, he sits or lies down with his nose facing the back door. If he wants attention, he will literally put his head under your hand until you pet him. Why Can’t We Ask For What We Want? Two different patients expressed frustration this past week that they didn’t have time to ask questions when seeing their doctor. They also felt that their concerns weren’t being addressed. This left them feeling frustrated. The simple reality is that as larger organizations acquire smaller independent groups, the personal, or family feeling, is being lost in healthcare. Bigger is Better… Right? Believe me when I say that your doctor is probably frustrated as well. I know a lot of doctors and most would agree that they spend too little time with patients. It is an unfortunate reality of healthcare today and it is only getting worse as the large groups buy up the independent clinics. Larger organizations will often refer patients

Just remember to follow Brodie’s advice: When you want something, don’t be afraid to ask and always expect results.

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