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MAY 2019

MEET OUR SECRET WEAPON How Producer Liaisons Empower Agents

We call them our secret weapons at Agent Link. Their honed sales instincts, combined with their knack for building relationships, makes for a killer combination. Who are they? Our producer liaisons.These talented individuals develop relationships with agents or advisors, and through in-depth conversations, they discover what these agents need and want supported within their business or practice. Then, they go about finding resources and connections that can provide such support. In a nutshell, producer liaisons empower agents and advisors by making introductions and referrals to our clients that create the foundation for a successful match. As the lead for our producer liaisons, Toby is an excellent example of the importance of this role. He and his team connect insurance producers and advisors as they explore new relationships and opportunities with BGAs, carriers, and BDs. With 30 years of sales experience, Toby is no stranger to connecting people with what they need. He used to lack experience in the insurance industry, but that all changed when he met Agent Link. “Stu gets all the credit,” Toby says. “The training he puts together is impressive and helped me improve my knowledge of the field. His passion motivates the heck out of you.” Producer liaisons don't only learn the lingo; our training exposes them to every segment of the industry.They study the profiles of many different agents and advisors to get familiar with their needs. As an example of how effective the training is, Toby shares the story of running into a friend

to agents and advisers. “They're motivated, down-to-earth people,”Toby says. He enjoys the genuine communication he gets to engage in every day. Most of all, he loves the results clients get through the process he is part of. At Agent Link, our emphasis is on quality and connecting the right agent or advisor to the right company.That makes our producer liaisons key to providing results to our clients. Agent Link is passionate about helping insurance and financial services professionals take their practice to new heights. Our purpose is to empower those who change lives for the better. Thank you for being part of this. -Senia & Stu Gramajo

after he completed his training with Agent Link. His friend is a licensed agent, and Toby found himself not only able to connect with him on industry topics but also able to share valuable insights. “My friend was thoroughly impressed,” Toby says. “It speaks to Stu’s training.” At Agent Link, producer liaisons like Toby empower agents and advisors. “Our role is to help producers find an opportunity that will help their practice,”Toby sums up. He appreciates the variability of his work and the dynamic environment of Agent Link, where there's always something new to learn. Toby's increasing levels of productivity reflect not only the volume of connections we facilitate but also how many agents and advisors we empower. At the end of the day, what Toby enjoys most is facilitating these connections by talking

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