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JUNE 2021

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Move Over, Soccer Mom: It’s Soccer Dad’s Time to Shine! WHY I STEPPED UP AS A VOLUNTEER SOCCER COACH

This March, I took on a fun new project: I became a volunteer assistant coach for my son Michael’s preschool soccer team. For some people, this might not sound like a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon, but for a soccer fan like myself, it’s heaven on earth! I’ve had to tie a lot of shoes in the last four months, but I’ve also gotten to enjoy extra time with my son, let loose a little bit, and get back to my roots as a soccer dad. If you’ve been a longtime reader of my newsletter, you might recall from an article last summer that I played soccer from a young age. I also started working as a referee at 13 years old. My dad would drive me to the soccer fields, drop me off for the day, and pick me up hours later when I was worn out from working and playing. I loved it! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I kept refereeing through high school, college, and even law school, putting in 12 years in all. Soccer has been in my blood for a long time, and I’ve truly enjoyed getting back in the game as a coach. Of course, our preschool team isn’t up to the fancy footwork I used to referee.

They’re still working on the fundamentals, and in a way, I like that there aren’t high expectations. The head coach and I integrate games and humor into their practices to make the sport fun, and even the “competitive” games at the end of each practice, which pit the kids against each other, aren’t very intense. More often than not, I find myself on the field directing traffic to make sure they run in the right direction. Once, I actually fell over while trying to watch the team and the ball at the same time! My ego was a little bruised after that one, but no tykes were harmed in the process. In a world where we push kids to excel at a young age, it’s nice to prioritize other things for once, like sportsmanship, technique, and having fun in the fresh air. My son, Michael, loves to practice and his enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. It reminds me of my early days playing, and I always feel an extra bit of fatherly pride watching him run around the field in his little soccer uniform. I think he looks forward to it, too. Wearing the shirt to school on practice days appears to be a preschool badge of honor. After a few months of coaching, my office and family have settled into a routine to accommodate soccer practice every Friday at 4 p.m. Before the season started, I tended to stay late in the office on Fridays, but now I come in early instead. It’s nice to step out of the office when it’s still light and spend some time with my family. After practice, Tracy, Michael, Catherine, and I go out to dinner at either a local pizza place or Tracy’s longtime favorite Mexican restaurant. It’s a lovely way to kick off the

weekend. If Michael continues to enjoy soccer, I think I may be a volunteer coach for the long haul! This Father’s Day, I hope to enjoy more of that quality time with my wife and kids. Ideally, I’d also like to sharpen my own soccer skills, which have gotten rusty since law school. Maybe I’ll make some time on Father’s Day to get out on the field. I’m sure Michael and Catherine will outpace me eventually, but I’d like to ensure that doesn’t happen too terribly soon. To all of the fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers reading, happy Father’s Day!


This publication is for informational purposes only, and no legal advice is intended.

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The Next Hot Birthday Party Theme Is … Lawyers?


This month, our team came across an old but heartwarming story: In 2015, a mom named L’erin Dobra threw her son Grayson an unusual birthday party that made his year. The theme wasn’t pirates, firefighters, Mickey Mouse, or “Frozen.” Grayson was obsessed with something else entirely — a local personal injury lawyer! “Before Grayson Dobra could walk or talk, he made it clear that his family couldn't bother him when a Morris Bart commercial was on TV,” wrote the "Today Show," which picked up the story after a local news outlet ran it and took the internet by storm. “Bart is a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans and Grayson’s favorite person in the world.” Apparently, 1-year-old Grayson’s passion for personal injury law started when he saw a Morris Bart commercial on TV. He

loved it so much that he started to chant, “Bart! Bart! Bart!” whenever the lawyer’s face appeared. Then, his parents started pulling the commercial up for him on YouTube any time he needed more Bart in his life. Bliss! The hilarity culminated on Jan. 25, 2015, when L’erin surprised 2-year-old Grayson with a birthday cake decorated with the lawyer’s likeness. The rest of the family gave the toddler Morris Bart-inspired birthday gifts, including a T-shirt and a life-size cardboard cutout. The theme was a hit! Bart himself even sent over an autographed photo, key chains, a New Orleans Pelicans shirt with his logo on the back and an invitation to come visit his office. According to the "Today Show," the invitation inspired L’erin to make a deal with her son: “The day he outgrows his

pull-ups is the day he can meet his idol.” By now, he has likely achieved his dream. Rediscovering this story made our whole team chuckle, and Kevin says Morris Bart is the kind of household name he aspires to be! If you ever decide to throw your toddler a Kevin Patrick-themed birthday party, just let us know and we’ll make sure Kevin shows up.

Drowned by Beer: The 1814 London Beer Flood

Drowning from beer became a real and dangerous cause of death in 1814, when the iron rings on massive vats of beer snapped loose. This bizarre, tragic event claimed the lives of eight people. Here's the story about the time a tsunami of hot, fermenting beer came pouring down on densely populated streets of London. AN ‘ACT OF GOD,’ LONDON COURTS PROCLAIMED. In St. Giles, London, the Horse Shoe Brewery stood at the corner of Great Russell Street and Tottenham Court Road — which is nearly in the exact middle of London. They had 22-foot-high wooden fermentation tanks installed on the premises, held together by massive iron rings. These vats held over 3,500 barrels of brown porter ale, which is a beer similar to stout. During one busy afternoon on Oct. 17, 1814, an iron ring around the tank snapped. An hour later, the whole tank broke open, releasing hot, fermenting ale with such incredible force that the back wall of the brewery collapsed. It also crashed open several more vats, releasing nearly 320,000 gallons of beer into the area. It created a 15-foot wave of beer and debris. The flood swept through the St. Giles Rookery, a densely populated London slum

filled with cheap housing inhabited by prostitutes, criminals, and the destitute. Eight people — Irish mourners in a basement, a mother and her child, and a teenage barmaid — were killed. Despite the dangers, some people scooped up as much liquid as they could in whatever containers they could find. Consequently, a ninth death was reported days later due to alcohol poisoning. WERE THERE CONSEQUENCES FOR THE BREWERY? The streets of St. Giles smelled like beer for many months afterward. The flood cost the brewery over £23,000 pounds (£1.25 million pounds today), but they were able to reclaim the excise duty paid on the beer and were granted £7,250 (£400,000 today) as compensation for the barrels of lost beer, which saved them from bankruptcy. But what about the deaths? Although the brewery was taken to court, the London courts ruled the flood was an “Act of God,” and the eight victims had lost their lives "casually, accidentally, and by misfortune.” Nobody was held responsible. We’re not so certain the Horse Shoe Brewery would’ve been as lucky in American courts! Thanks for joining us in remembering this very strange historical event, and we’ll see you next month.

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Splash In, Atlanta! 3 Tips for Enjoying Public Pools Safely This Summer

Here in Atlanta, we’re lucky to have a range of public indoor and outdoor pools to choose from. In total, we have four indoor pools (aka natatoriums), 12 outdoor pools, and three partner sites in the city. If you have kids, then you know these pools can be lifesaving when it comes to staving off boredom on a hot summer day! Last year, the pools opened June 16 with COVID-19 precautions in place, and as we write this, it’s not clear when the 2021 pool season will start or what the new rules will be. But we’re betting they will reopen soon! You can keep an eye on and the websites of each natatorium (C.T. Martin Natatorium and Recreation Center, M.L. King Aquatic and Recreation Center, Rosel Fann Recreation Center and Natatorium, and Washington Park Natatorium) for updates. In the meantime, consider these three tips to help you enjoy summer swimming safely! 1. DON’T LEAVE YOUR KID(S) UNATTENDED. Even if there’s a lifeguard at the pool, which there should be, it’s best to keep an eye on your child as well. Lifeguards are responsible for watching dozens of children and adults at once and may miss a danger sign that you’ll spot. 2. CONSIDER TAKING CPR CLASSES. You could save someone’s life simply by getting CPR certified and learning how to give

mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to someone who’s drowning. The National CPR Foundation offers online CPR/AED certification courses for less than $20, so you can even get certified without leaving home! 3. CHECK THE POOL’S DRAIN COVERS. Ideally, the City of Atlanta should make sure the drains and suction outlets in its pools are covered, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If a seal is loose, broken, or missing, the drain or outlet could entrap a child or even an adult. If you’re swimming with your kid(s), double check the drain covers in the pool or ask a lifeguard or other pool attendant to confirm they’re intact.


Grilled Chicken Shawarma

A spice-filled marinade and time do all the work in this recipe that features Middle Eastern flavors.

Ingredients •

2 tbsp ground cumin 2 tbsp ground coriander

• •

1 tsp ground black pepper

• • • •

2 tsp allspice • 8 garlic cloves, minced • 6 tbsp olive oil • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs

2 tsp kosher salt

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

2 tsp turmeric • 1 tsp ground ginger

Directions 1. To create marinade, whisk all spices with the garlic and olive oil in a medium bowl. 2. Add chicken to the bowl, coat well with marinade, cover, and let sit in the fridge for at least 20 minutes — or up to 48 hours. Strain off excess marinade before cooking.

3. Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Grill thighs for 10–12 minutes on each side, or until a meat thermometer reads 165 F. 4. Serve with rice, vegetables, or pita bread with tzatziki.


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Are ‘Resort Bubbles’ Safe? Inside This Issue 1 Kevin Starts Coaching Preschool Soccer 2 Inside One Toddler’s Lawyer- Themed Birthday The 1814 London Beer Flood 3 How to Stay Safe in Atlanta’s Public Pools Grilled Chicken Shawarma 4 Are ‘Resort Bubbles’ Safe?

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As vaccination numbers continue to climb and experts gain a better understanding of COVID-19, more industries are adapting. Tropical resorts in Hawaii and the Bahamas have started to host visitors in “resort bubbles,” requiring travelers to complete a series of tests before full admittance.

Other resorts require visitors to wear tracking bracelets for 72 hours upon arrival and a negative test result. After 72 hours and a second negative test, the guest is then permitted to leave the hotel grounds. This allows the hotel chain to track potential COVID-19 cases. These resort bubbles offer a potentially safe alternative for travel, but they don’t come without risks. A traveler could potentially contract COVID-19 while en route to the destination, and resorts that allow guests to leave the premises risk exposure. Furthermore, these precautions may not be 100% effective. However, if you are vaccinated, have COVID-19 antibodies, or feel safe to travel, resort bubbles offer a travel alternative that can be safer than traditional vacation stays. Perhaps no industry was hit harder during the COVID-19 pandemic than the travel and hospitality industry, but with the addition of resort bubbles, the travel industry looks to return to a new normal.


That depends on your comfort level and a resort’s adherence to the rules. According to Forbes, each resort that offers this travel package may have different rules, but the gist of each experience is the same. Each resort still requires masks, unless the visitor is in their room, dining, drinking, sitting at the beach or pool, or swimming. Then, at check-in, sanitation and temperature checks are required. After the checks, tourists are directed to an on-site clinic, where nurses ask a few questions and perform a rapid COVID-19 test. Guests are then sent to their rooms, where they must await the results. If the test comes back negative, the tourist will receive a key card and can commence with their vacation. (Some resorts set the price of lodging so that if test results are positive, then the required flight home is part of the original cost, so it’s already paid for.)

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