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grew up in New England, and the jet stream brings that warm Atlantic water north, so you can have 80-degree water in summer on some beaches! That’s not the case here in San Diego, though, so if you see someone in a wetsuit in the middle of August, it’s probably me — and if you want to stay in longer, you might try one, too. They’re not just for the die-hard, year-round surfers, I promise! The ocean’s currents and tides are also something to be aware of. It’s easy to get in over your head, so don’t go alone and use caution when kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, or swimming. One benefit of the paddleboard is you’re standing above the water, which helps if you’re worried about sharks — a placebo effect, but a welcome one. While we’re still talking about water activities, we can’t forget boogie boarding or the night fishing that Britani loves to do. As she explains it, it’s a different experience altogether and really a lot of fun. It won’t surprise you to hear that we’re fans of dry land activities as well, although we have to change our patterns a bit as things heat up. Those desert hikes we love in winter can get too hot this season, so we head for our area’s amazing coastal hiking trails instead. We’re almost all fans of biking, especially after the heat breaks. Is there anything better than a nice bike ride on a long summer evening? What do you love to do this time of year? Whether you’re biking, hiking, running, racing, paddling, swimming, or surfing, we hope you stay active and engaged this season — and safe, so nothing comes between you and one of the best parts of the year.

We’ve all got our favorite ways to spend the summer. As many readers already know, my husband and I love to travel, even if we haven’t had much chance to do so in the past year. I know that will change soon, but in the meantime, we’re not short of summer activities right here close to home. Staying active is something almost all of the team here at the Center has in common, and if we can get outside, so much the better. I asked my staff what they’re looking forward to about this summer and came away with a list that seems like the perfect recipe for a healthy, happy summer. One great thing about getting outside is, with the new health regulations, vaccinated people can be outside together without wearing masks as long as they maintain the correct distance. Not only does this let us get outside with others, but it also means we’re no longer stuck running, jogging, or doing other hard exercise with a restrictive mask on our faces!

for summer favorite activities. Of course, those are always a good time, as long as you remember sun protection like a hat and adequate SPF sunscreen. Many of our team members head to the beach with kayaks or stand-up paddleboards as well as chairs and towels; these are great ways to explore the shoreline or inland water routes. In one of the photos in this letter, you can see Jan in a kayak! Paddleboarding, particularly, is a fun and unique activity. On our first try at paddleboarding, my husband had some difficulties, but I picked it up quickly.

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

A fair question! I realized it’s about activating your core muscles before you start the paddle stroke. With that in mind, we rigged up a “training” paddleboard back at the Center with a wobble board to stand on, a stick contraption that used pulleys, and weight to mimic the resistance of water on a paddle! One thing to keep in mind is that paddling in the ocean is a whole different matter for several reasons. I’m a “cold wimp” (there are a lot of us out there!) and prefer a wetsuit as it allows me to stay in the water for longer. I think this is because I

For the staff members who have younger kids, the beach and the pool came away as clear winners

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