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The Core of Liberty Inspection Group GROWING OUR NETWORK

A t Liberty Inspection Group, we don’t care if you replace your roof. This might sound a bit harsh, but let me explain. When we inspect the roof on your building — or any other part, for that matter — we won’t make a profit off you paying for a replacement or repairs. Instead, the service you pay for is our opinion about the condition of the building we are inspecting, and since our end goal isn’t to sell you something, you can expect total honesty. Our mission statement even says that we strive “to offer building consultant services to the real estate community that provide both a successful transaction for agents and an honest assessment of property for buyers.”

Often, inspection companies are just one guy operating out of his truck, who may have been a contractor at some point. The only real help this guy gets is when his wife pitches in sometimes, but for the most part, his clients or prospective customers are bound by his schedule. Because of the limited time and small operation, most inspectors only offer basic inspections. Rarely do clients get more in-depth details about the issues and potential problems in their buildings. At Liberty Inspection Group, instead of just a person and their truck, we have many inspectors. We are a network and a team of inspectors, each dedicated to the same mission our company was founded on. Our customers can always get in touch with their inspector. We have a wide range of services, including radon tests and stucco inspections, and we have experience inspecting all varieties of buildings. Regardless of what we are doing, we always encourage our clients to join us on the inspections. You see what we see, and you learn more about your structure as we go. But what really makes us stand out is our relationships. Our clients are residential/ commercial buyers, but our partners are you in the real estate industry. We do all we can to make sure that relationship stays strong. Agents know they can rely on us to do a quality job because it's what we have done for them since the very beginning. Even better, because of these reputable relationships we have built, we have expanded our network of professionals. We recommend contractors who will be honest with you and your clients, not one who is just looking to sell a roof. For the past 12 years, we have cared about safety. We care about making sure buildings are safe per the standards we inspect to, and we care about giving you and your clients all the facts before they make a decision. It's what we have been committed to since we first opened, and as we have grown, it's what we have remained dedicated to doing. –-Chris Earley

We have developed that reputation, and people value our third-party opinion. You can always expect honesty from us.

When you consider the norm for most inspectors, Liberty Inspection Group is fairly unique. I often tell people that when they work with us, they are partnering with an actual business and a system, not an inspector in a truck. The way we do our jobs is quite different. | 610.717.3082 | Page 1

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