Retirement Planning Strategies November 2018

An Attitude of Gratitude Taking the time to acknowledge who and what you’re grateful for is a Thanksgiving tradition far more important than turkey or football. It’s the cornerstone of the holiday and the reason we feast together in the first place. But when you really think about it, expressing our gratitude and appreciation for others should happen every day!


HOW TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE In the above quotation from Dr. Emmons, he mentions the practice of keeping a gratitude journal. This activity is a great way to start seeing the world with a more positive, appreciative eye. As often as you can, take a few minutes to write down the acts, people, and moments that make you grateful. Some will be big, others small — but all will have an impact on your mood and bring a smile to your face. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire book full of good memories and warm feelings. While keeping a journal is great, there are other ways to go about cultivating and expressing gratitude. The easiest one is simply to say “Thanks” whenever you can. It may seem insignificant, but you’d be surprised what a difference it makes. When you approach the world with the perspective that every day is Thanksgiving, it’s only natural to be grateful. We all have moments when we want to curse the world, especially as we get older, and those experiences are perfectly normal. Just as frequently, though, we have moments that are worth celebrating, often, with people who are worth appreciating. Which will you think about more?

WHY GRATITUDE MATTERS As we get older, it’s easy to succumb to negativity and pessimism — “Kids these days …” and “The world isn’t what it used to be …” are but a few negative idioms. The crabby grandparent and angry old neighbor are archetypal depictions of later life. But these fictions don’t have to be your reality. Recognizing and acknowledging gratitude will help you take stock of the positive aspects of your life and dwell less on unhappy thoughts. Being grateful has also been linked to significant health benefits. According to gratitude expert and author Dr. Robert A. Emmons, “Preliminary findings suggest that those who regularly practice grateful thinking reap emotional, physical, and interpersonal benefits. Adults who keep gratitude journals on a regular basis exercise more regularly, report fewer illness symptoms, feel better about their lives as a whole, and are more optimistic about the future.”


The RPS Team Shares Their Gratitude

Besides the obvious answer of friends and family, I am thankful every day for the moment of brilliance I had at age 19 when I went to work for the government. I’m grateful for the quality of life it has provided me in retirement.

This year, I am thankful for the continued health and well- being of my family.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we wanted to provide our team members a chance to express their gratitude. We asked them a simple question: What are you thankful for this year? Here’s what they had to say.

- Dan Werts, Client Services Specialist I am thankful for my health, ability to inspire and teach others how to be the best versions of themselves, and prosperity from my employment that has allowed me to take a few vacations to the beach — my happy place — this year.

This year, I am thankful for my family. I am extremely

- Mary Beth Saldin, Accounting I’m thankful for my good health, athletic ability, and loving family. I’m able to enjoy the Colorado lifestyle with my beautiful wife by rock climbing, camping, and hiking.

thankful for the unconditional love they give and the time that we get to spend together. - Branen Berta, Client Service Liaison I have so many things that I’m thankful for this year, so it’s hard to choose. My life is full of blessings, like my family, a good job that I’m still able to do, and a comfortable life that I enjoy.

- Ashley Robinson, Financial Advisor

So now, in the spirit of sharing, we ask you: What are you thankful for this year?

- Trace Teboda, New Business Specialist

- Carol L. Tresco, Retirement Benefits Coordinator

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