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Our Joy Inside presenter, Rosie suggested thisgreat act ivity in our most recent All About Art session. Poems can create beaut iful images in our minds. Wouldn?t you like to put those imagesonto paper?A great way to really enjoy poet ry is to create a visual representat ion of a poem by making a paint ing or picture that captureshow it makes you feel.We've included a poem in the act ivity pack but you can use whatever poem takesyour fancy. To get started you need to know three thingsabout your poem: 1.What is your poem about ?Does it t ell a st ory?Or does it descr ibe somet hing like a landscape, an object or a feeling? 2. How does t hat poemmake you feel?

All About Art isone of our themed Joy Inside sessions. The session is60 minutes long and is specifically for

carersand people livingwith dement ia to come and t ry new thingsand meet new people.

Then there'snothing else to do except get going on creat ing your masterpiece! 3.What pict ures do you have in your head when you read t he poem?

Pick up your paint brush and put your art cr it icshat on aswe take you on a creat ive r ide around everything art . Let us take you on a journey through the history of some of the wor ldsgreatest art istsand their work, get you involved in meaty conversat ionsaround who's your favour ite art ist and take part in our art quiz! Can you ident ify the masterpiecesand more important ly themastersbehind the work?Call us to book your session today!

WHO'SREADY FORORIGAMI? Thismonth'spuzzle isa lit t le bit different ! Look inside your act ivity pack to find your inst ruct ionson how to create an or igami box.Did you know that or i means folding and gami meanspaper? Neither did we! Why not spend an

afternoon familar ising yourself with this int r icate art form?Once reserved for only the elite in Japan.When you have created your box, how about placing a note in it for a rainy day?Or even bet ter, a chocolate!


We know that colour ing and drawing isn't to everyone's tastes, so we thought why not use salt dough asanother medium and you can sculpt yourself up a storm. Look to the addit ional page in your act ivity leaflet for the recipe and ingredients you will need to create the dough and then let your imaginat ion run wild.Make decorat ions for the house, or for your Chr istmas t ree (if not some what premature!) create placemats, tea light holdersor purchase somemagnets to press into the back of your designsand make magnets for your fr idge! Its incredibly easy to do, all you need is3 ingredientsand access to amicrowave or oven to harden your designsso they keep forever!


Now more than ever we want to keep in touch.Wewould love to hear from you, so pop us something in the post , send usan email or pick up the phone.We're post ing regular act ivit ieson facebook and our booking plat form isnow up and running to book your ZOOM connect ion or you Joy Inside event www.mindforyou.setmore.com

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