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Create Art from Poetry

During our All About Art Joy Inside Session, many of our guests loved the drawing to poetry feature. We wanted to share with you this lovely poem and hope that you enjoy drawing to it too. Please send us your drawings we would love to see them!

Love Songs When I was 'A teenager in love,' I could 'Catch a falling star' from above. 'We certainly weren't 'Too young' As 'Mona Lisa' and 'Earth angel' were sung. 'Only you' could hold my hand, We wrote 'Love letters in the sand.' Like Bobby Darin 'Beyond the sea,' There was 'Someone to watch over me.

'Some enchanted evening,' I swear 'A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square. And at 'Apple blossom time,' it's true, He said, 'I only have eyes for you.

Que sera sera,' it was seen, 'That's amore,' crooned along Dean. 'Around the world I've searched for you,' 'Come fly with me,' let our hearts be true.

'Love me tender,' he said to my face, So next I was covered in 'Chantilly lace.' Carrying 'Tulips from Amsterdam,' in spring I knew 'Love is a many splendored thing.'

'Memories are made of this,' 'When I fall in love' — it's bliss. 'To know him is to love him' is true. 'You send me,' that's 'The wonder of you.'

Poem from Now Share a Verse (Vol 3)

Available from: www.bonnie-day.co.uk/books

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