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A s an attorney who works with small and mid-size business owners from all walks of life, I consider it a privilege to represent each and every one of my clients. I’m lucky to be able to serve real people whose

when her house, way out in the sticks, burned to the ground. The insurance adjuster came out to take a look, determined that it had been an accidental fire, and assured our client that she’d receive the compensation to which she was entitled. As the claim moved up the chain of command though, the insurance company did a 180 and said that the fire had, in fact, been the result of arson, meaning it wouldn’t be covered by insurance. Worse yet, they accused my client of setting the fire! “IT’S INCREDIBLY GRATIFYING TO WORK IN THE LAW AND ACCOMPLISH SOME CONCRETE GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE I REPRESENT.“ The insurance company’s about-face was clearly in bad faith, especially since the only person who actually inspected the site of the fire – its own adjuster – had already declared the fire a freak accident. We found out later that the fire department had reached the same conclusion … twice! When our client came to us, her life was literally in ruins, her beloved home and everything in it turned to ash. We weren’t about to let these corporate bullies push her around. Eventually, with her insurance company unwilling to see reason, we took the case all the way to a jury trial and secured a big verdict for the client, hundreds of thousands of dollars that went toward putting her life back together. That was just one instance from over 26 years spent protecting the interests of regular people who suddenly have to face disaster. It truly is a point of pride for me that we’ve been able to achieve real results for so many ordinary folks. I can’t imagine a better reason to come to work each morning.


businesses are on the line, rather than big, faceless corporations with hidden agendas. Beyond helping people secure their livelihood and provide for their families, I just enjoy getting to know them, learning their stories, struggles, and world views from all across the globe. I’m one of those rare (odd?) people who wanted to be a lawyer for most of my life. Pretty much as soon as I was old enough to realize I didn’t really want to be a train engineer or a firefighter, I set my sights on the law. Aside from my penchant for debate, I’m not sure where I got the idea — there’s not another soul in my family who pursued law school. But I’m certainly glad that I did. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey every step of the way, from my time as a civil trial judge in Dallas to managing my own team of attorneys here at GLG. It’s incredibly gratifying to work in the law and accomplish concrete good for the people we represent. Though we don’t get many insurance cases these days, I remember one case that I tried about 10 years ago that really captured what it means to me to help real people.

Our client, a little old lady who lived on Cedar Creek Lake and drove into town every day for work, was going through an ugly divorce



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