Cool Renew MedSpa - April 2020



APRIL 2020

THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME Make Cool Renew MedSpa What It Is Today

Y ou may wonder who is the somewhat grumpy looking guy on the cover of your newsletter this month and what he has to do with Cool Renew MedSpa. No one models their personality or their life after just one person; we’re all products of several different teachers and mentors, whether implicitly or explicitly. That being said, we can probably all point to two or three people who had a greater effect on the direction of our lives than anyone else. When I think of who is most responsible for where I am today, the two people who stand above the rest are my father and Dan Kennedy. My father was a business owner and an entrepreneur. When I was growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, a lot of his work ethic and interest in entrepreneurship rubbed off on me. During the entire time my parents raised me, my father never had a 9-to-5 job, and to this day, I’ve never had one either. My upbringing might as well have doubled as a Ph.D. course in entrepreneurship and business ownership. Without my father’s influence, I doubt I would have ever thought to go into business for myself. He nourished my

entrepreneurial spirit and showed me all the ways I could serve a community as a business owner. If my father was the one who made me want to be a business owner, Dan Kennedy (guy on the cover) is the man who showed me how to be super successful at it. Whenever you visit

any CoolSculpting or other procedures our customers want, but then you wouldn’t be as comfortable or relaxed before and during the procedure, would you? Our office has more than one surprise designed to keep whomever walks through our doors satisfied, and all of that comes from Dan Kennedy’s approach to marketing, management, and high-level patient satisfaction. While there were certainly other bosses from whom I picked up skills and traits over the years, I can confidently say that around 90% of who I am as a business owner and how we run Cool Renew Med Spa is because of my father and Dan Kennedy. I’m definitely thankful for their influence. Without them, I don’t know that my team and I would be able to serve as many patients as we do. It’s not always easy to discern the good influences from the bad ones, but I’m glad I was able to, if only to provide a much-sought-after service to the Erie community.

Cool Renew MedSpa, take a look around. The large luxurious treatment rooms, the big screen TVs in those rooms, the dimmable chandeliers, the coolers fully stocked with all types of different beverages — that’s all because of Dan Kennedy. He’s an incredibly successful marketing expert who emphasizes the importance of overdelivering on promises to patients and clients. Our office could just be a cold, unwelcoming, sterile doctor’s office. We could still do “No one models their personality or their life after just one person; we’re all products of several different teachers and mentors, whether implicitly or explicitly.”

– Grant Miller

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