Summer term curriculum maps 2020

The Federation of Abbey Infant & Junior School Curriculum Map for Reception. 2019-20 - Summer term For specific class information see For dates see Our topic is Fantasy Island with a focus on Make Believe and Beside the Seaside ThroƵgh ƚhiƐ ƚopic ǁe ǁill be bƵilding on children͛Ɛ preǀioƵƐ knoǁledge of ƚhe seaside; developing vocabulary, imagination, stories and ideas with their peers. We will be having an exciting ͚ Beach party ͛ event in school where families will be invited to join us. Your children will also have the opportunity to dress up as a superhero, something pirate themed and take part in a ͚ Gruffalo Day ͛ . We will also be discussing changes and your child will take part in a transition day to meet their new teacher.

Communication and language

Children will participate in circle time discussions about preparing for Year One, children will freely speak and listen to each other͛s ideas, concerns and thoughts. Children will use the role-play areas to develop a narrative in their play and express themselves confidently.

Phonics & early reading Children will be blending sounds in words, including digraphs e.g. ng in r-i-ng (2 letters making one sound) and trigraphs (3 letters making one sound e.g. igh in n- igh-t). They will be reading short sentences including a range of tricky words from phase 2 (I, no, go, to, into) and phase 3 (you, me, was, they, all, are, we, my, her, be, she). Children will learn new vocabulary by reading a range of texts and begin to read 2 syllable words (e.g. rocket). They will be able to comprehend short texts and express their opinions of what will happen next etc.

Personal, social and emotional development Children will participate in circle time and will explore different scenarios of forming positive relationships with others e.g. sharing and playing nicely, fairness/unfairness. There will be opportunities to talk about feelings and making the right choices. They will learn about road safety, personal safety (e.g. not talking to strangers) and growing a strong awareness of the emergency services. They will also be given opportunities to about how changes make them feel. Physical Development In P.E. children will be using story to practise large and small movements to develop more advanced skills such as collecting, carrying and balancing objects. This includes moving safely in a variety of ways and changing direction with the objects. They will be developing fine motor skills through different activities to include practise of letter formation, pencil control and sewing.

Life skills, soft skills and bucket list experiences

Expressive arts and design

Mathematics Children will develop a strong number recognition (1- 20).They will double single digit numbers and halve amounts by sharing .They will use a range of mathematical resources to help add/subtract amounts, recognise one more/less of a given number and estimate. Children will be given opportunities to talk about size, weight, time, money, distance, position and capacity (e.g. this can be during role-play e.g. making superehero power and comparing amounts). They will develop their mathematical vocabulary in learning. Understanding the world Children will be given opportunities to role play characters special to them e.g. a superhero. They will be given opportunities for planting and discuss things they have observed including plants, animals, nature and found objects too. They will grow an awareness to care for the environment around us during Child Initiated Learning and Forest School and talk about decay and changes over time. They will have access to mobile phones, camera and Ipads (e.g. to capture moments of learning).

Characteristics of effective learning Children are encouraged to review their own progress and learning. Teachers talk in depth with children about what they are doing, what went well and what they would change next time. This gives children the opportunity to self-assess and think critically. In our music sessions the children will be listening to different types of music to identify a variety instruments, tempos and pitch and play instruments to a beat. Children will be exploring different textures, tools and colours in original ways to represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through music, art and design, role-play and story.

Children will explore cooking techniques and apparatus; they will then have the opportunity to learn how to make a sandwich independently. Children take part in Bikeability, a session where children use the balance bikes to complete activities. Children practise their leadership skills by taking the lead role in their play and taking charge of their learning. Children show an awareness of being a good team player, opportunities are provided in Reception through circle time, class games, group work and star of the week assemblies. Children will experience a Gruffalo Day, Pirate Day, a beach party and a superhero day, all amazing opportunities to tick off their bucket list!


Our ‘Talk for Writing͛ story ‘The Gruffalo͛ is fun, catchy and provides children with rhyme and alliteration awareness that can be used in their writing. ‘Pirates Love Underpants͟ is a funny adventure story which uses creative and imaginative adjectives for the children to discover.

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