Summer term curriculum maps 2020

The Federation of Abbey Infant & Junior School Curriculum Map for Mathematics 2019-20 - Summer term Special Edition

Resources to help parents with the maths content. These links match very closely to the scheme that underpins our approach to mathematics.

Year group links Year 1: Year 2: Year 3: Year 4: Year 5: Year 6: Help videos: These Ǯho™ toǯ videos ešplain ho™ to access and use the contentǣ Parents/carers: About the links: There will be 7 links in total (final link coming soon). One for each year group 1-6, plus a link to the teacher videos so teachers can decide whether to share these with children (i.e. all teacher videos are via a single link, but clearly labelled by year group). When you follow the link for a particular year group, you can see the Textbook on the 'Books' tab and other resources on the 'Student Resources ' tab. at is included for each year gro p (Y1-6)? * eTextbook B available now * One unit from Practice Book B (to print and write in) available now * School Jam maths help video for parents to explain the maths (KS1 only) available now * Teacher unit video for same unit as Practice Book Coming soon Which units are we providing from the Practice Books? * Y1 Unit 11: weight and volume * Y2 Unit 10: Fractions * Y3 Unit 9: Fractions (1) * Y4 Unit 10: Decimals (1) * Y5 Unit 11 : Decimals and percentages * Y6 Unit 12: Ratio and proportion Note: This work will consolidate what pupils would have been taught throughout the spring term – this is not new content. French – Modern foreign language link for Y2 to help with transition to KS2 and current Y3-6 pupils. Click onto pupil games area. Username: Abbeyjunior Password: Languageangels1

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