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ATTENTION Back Pain Sufferers!

Do You Have Difficulty Bending Or Reaching?

We can help:

• Increase your flexibility • Improve your health • Get back to living

• Decrease your pain • Increase your strength • Increase your activity level

Patient Success Spotlight

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“The BTA team developed a physical therapy program customized for me. I obtained steady, positive results. I was pushed when needed and they supported my accomplishments.They answered every question and scenario. My experience was completely positive.” My experience was completely positive.

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Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.


Helps With Tightness


At Burlingame Therapeutic Associates, II, you

FOUR POINT ARM RAISE Start on hands and knees, hips and shoulders at 90°. Lift one arm out front. Bring it back down and then repeat on opposite side. Repeat 8-10 times on both arms.

will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions. It’s time to come to Burlingame Therapeutic Associates, II if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury 1. Call and talk to your therapist 2. Discover why your pain has come back 3. Get your custom recovery program


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