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COVER GIRL t takes a strong and confident person to convey the essence of our de Boulle collections of jew- elry — pieces that are striking, stunning and masterfully craft- ed for today’s modern woman. That’s why our new jewelry cam- paign stars our returning brand ambassador, Niki Taylor, the world-renowned, iconic super- model and ambassador.


GET TO KNOW NIKI Niki Taylor is one of the most successful models of all time. The South Florida native now calls Nashville home, where she is raising her children with her hus- band, NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. Taylor began modeling at 14 and immediately captured the heart of America, and then the world, with her girl-next-door charm and beauty. She was the youngest model to ever secure a multimillion-dollar contract and the first model to have been on six major American magazine covers in the same month. (En- tertainment Weekly called them the Niki Six: the May 1996 cov- ers of Vogue, Allure, Elle, Self, Shape and Marie Claire.) She also was featured on more covers of Seventeen and Allure than any other model then, or since. Niki has been a television inter- viewer, launched a fragrance and started a foundation for the ad- vancement of women in business. In an era of here-today-gone-to- morrow celebrity, Taylor contin- ues to be recognized worldwide for her grace, charm and on-cam- era charisma, as well as her on- going efforts for the welfare of others. And she is not slowing down, whatsoever: Taylor is of- ficially a CoverGirl again — she was the cosmetic company’s famous face from 1992 to 2000 — as the new ambassador of its Simply Ageless makeup collec- tion. “Once a CoverGirl, always a CoverGirl!” says Taylor, with her usual self-deprecating laugh.

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“I love adorning myself in diamonds, guaranteed to invigorate your ensemble!” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection

The 2022 campaign includes our High Jewelry Collection and our de Boulle Collection, both in which you can immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, as well as a selection of rare and un- usual gemstones, from stunning blue Paraíba tourmaline to silky pink conch pearls. This year, the campaign is both fun and op- ulent. The clothing mimics the luxury and fine craftmanship of each carefully appointed piece. The styling is natural and care- free. Adorned in an array of col- ored gemstones and diamonds, our brand ambassador radiates and sparkles. Taylor’s takeaway from it all? “One of the joys of working in fashion the way I do is meeting the people behind the brands,” she says. “Karen and Denis are both so hands-on. It is great to be around them. As owners and de- signers, they care so much about every aspect of their business — from the marketing to the cre- ative.”


“Over the moon for this moonstone brooch!” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Papillon Brooch

Opal and Sapphire Ring 1

“The play of color in this stone is out of this world!” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection

5 “Nothing beats the graphic punch of black with white.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Zebra Bracelet


“Whimsical and elegant, the rock crystal disks are really unusual.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Empire Earrings

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